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Medivia Mage Guide: Sorc Iron Man project

Medivia Mage Guide

Sorcerer Iron Man project

This life-thread is a Medivia leveling guide for mages. It covers hunting places optimization tactics, quests, and tasks progress such as: hunting tasks, gold and item reward tasks. 

But it does not really cover Elf factionDwarf factionImperial factionOsaris factionOrc factionMinotaur factionGrim factionArchini factionLightbringers factionWhite Light factionOrder of the Holy Rose factionEfreet/Green Djinn faction, et cetera. 

Iron Man Concept & Rules

  • The concept is to simulate a situation in which my character is the highest level mage on the server and is at the forefront of progress.
    I earn everything on my own. It is a hardcore game play.

  • The Rules:
    • No trading with other players, with the exception of being able to sell to other players items in situations such as questlines which do not allow to trade with more than one type of NPC (e.g. Aremis / WulkanGreen/Blue Djinns faction), and then the trading is allowed only once I have completed the alternative questline, and even then, items will be traded with the other players for a lower price than the NPC price.

    • No hunting with other players unless they too are Iron Man characters of sufficiently strict rules such as my own.

    • No questing with other players with the exception of specific quests which may either technically require additional players to be involved in order to complete them (for example, The Annihilator Quest, where it is impossible to start the quest without additional 3 players) or by-design impossible to solo because they were clearly designed with the intention of teaming up (for example, The Plaguebringers of Abukir Quest). During quests such, I must not be "carried" (as the Medivian slang goes) by others, but instead, be the one to lead & carry the others in order to ensure the concept/idea is preserved.

    • Daily Rewards (a.k.a. Welfare points) are allowed. No limit/restriction.

    • No reset upon death. I do not wish to be risk aversive. The opposite is true - I wish to take risks and have a hardcore experience. Therefore, death doesn't reset the character's progress.

Medivia Mage Guide

I started this mage project on June 2nd, 2022. I mostly did small quests rewarding me with some experience points and gold early on, to get started.

Level 9


ml 11
June 3rd:
Hunting wolves (wolf hunting task) north of Arak.
level 11

level 12

level 14

Troll Chieftain

level 15

muggers task
completed bats task, level 16

magic level 13

level 17, trolls task

magic level 14

bees task, arak

level 18

ml 15

level 19

moved from arak to thoris, baking fireballs to be used in the future for powergaming.
ml 16

magic level 17

ml 19

level 20, completed drone bee task

level 21, doing snakes task for $

xago the snake charmer

upgraded weapon

ml 20, lion task

worth noting that I've collecting a lot of food throughout the tasks you'll see for all the mana sitting.

level 22, hyaenas task

bought promotion

I didnt play June 4th. Here are the updates for June 5th:
ml 22
I got PKed xD
ml 22
level 23
level 24
ml 23
level 25

completed frost trolls task

ml 24

level 26
I decided to move to Winterbay, Thoris. Quiet, daily respawn of moon flowers, and nice house there.
ml 25

June 6:
ml 26

ml 27

ml 28

ml 29

June 7:
ml 30

level 27

ml 32

June 8:
ml 33
lv 28
PGing Garrogat undead cemetery. Skeleton task and Ghoul task.

level 29

level 30

level 31

level 32

level 33 & 34

June 9:
ml 34

June 10:
plate legs quest

June 11:
ml 35

level 35

ml 36
June 16:
level 36

level 37

level 38

June 17:

ml 37

june 18:
ml 38
june 21:
ml 39
june 22:
ml 40
june 24:
level 39 (rotworms task)
finished rotworm task
ml 41
july 6:
paid the price for being cocky :p

july 8:
level 40

july 22nd:
The Era of the Dream Tomb has begun!
level 41

level 43

level 44

level 45

level 46

ml 42
level 47

july 30:
been gfbing some slimes at a thoris cave.
tactic: just login, GFB some, log off. Repeat.
Wasnt so active on Gordon for a while.
level 48

august 6:
level 49
August 12: still not very active.
level 50

August 19:
level 51

August 27:
lv 52

Sept. 7:
lv 53

Sept. 26:
level 54

Oct. 8:
Level 55

lv 56

level 57

level 58

Oct, 14:
level 59

level 60
level 61

level 62

ml 43

Oct. 22nd:
lv 63

level 64

level 65
ml 44, moved to different house at winterbay

Oct 29:
level 66

level 67

level 68
ml 45
level 69

November 1st:
ml 46
November 5th:
Looted Golden Skull.
looted golden skull

lv 70

lv 71

lv 72

Nov. 10:
ml 47

Nov. 14:
level 73
level 74

level 75

Nov. 15:
I did Black Knight Quest to upgrade my EQ.
ml 48

Nov. 22nd:


lv 78

Nov. 27:
lv 79

level 80

lv 81


December 2nd:
ml 49
Dec. 5:
lv 83

Dec. 11:

Dec. 17:
lv 87

Dec. 19:
lv 89


retook level 89

level 90

eq at that lv
level 91

Dec. 29:
Dec. 31:
2023 - january 4:

level 95


Jan. 5:
pit lord

January 11:
lv 97

ml 52

level 98

Jan. 20:
ml 53
lv 99

level 100


Janaury 27:
Did titans quest with El Gotho :P

Went down the wrong hole at Demon Helmet Quest haha!

January 28:
level 100, 2nd time

level 101

Feb. 5:
level 102

level 103

ml 54

Feb. 11:
lv 104
lv 105

Feb. 16:
ml 55

Feb. 19:
lv 106

lv 107

demon helmet quest

Feb. 24:

Feb. 25:
lv 108

lv 109


retook ML

March 1st:
ml 57

The End.