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Medivia Archer Lifethread (Lera levels 201-END, Part 2)

This life thread continues where the previous life thread, covering Lera's Medivian journey from level 1 to level 200, stopped.

It is also useful as a Medivia Archer Guide for hunting places, showing the leveling guide of a sort, faction progress, mining skills, et cetera.

It documents some of the moments from level 201 and until ... the end!

Enjoy :)

April 10: Killed Master Zegrath as a part of the Grim Faction. Looted the much needed Master Zegrath notes.

Killing Master Zegrath

April 11: Killed Gromm again.

Gromm, Apr 11

April 14: Mining 81 :) ! 

Mining 81

April 15: Power gaming!

Level 201

Level 202

Level 203
April 22: Arcanists task done. It's a part of making progress in the Grim Faction. I also leveled up there.
Level 204
Arcanist, Black Crystal, task done

April 30: I leveled up & at the end of the hunt, found Archiona & killed it. Sadly, no warchief garment

Later there was a horrible team filled with leechers at Zorbar. I had to take off my mana shield since people weren't shooting SDs at all of the priest raids. Then I died by Zorbar's arena sparkles & priests hitting me.
Level 205

Archiona, Apr. 30

Lera death 205-204 Apr 30

May 2nd: Retook level 205 at the Imperial castle, south of Eschen. I'm slowly making progress as a part of the imperial soldiers killing task (Imperial faction).
Level 205, 2nd time.

May 5th:
Another round at the imperial camp. I've also found a new route to get to John as a part of the faction's tasks. I've updated Saelvas Saelvius, the grandmaster of wikipedia, and we'll update wiki. This route is simply faster & safer (avoids additional Royalists). 
Better route to John

GFBing Imperial Soldiers

May 7: Finished the Slave Hunters task as a part of the Osaris Faction.
Later that day, I leveled up (206) while making progress in the Dark Grims killing task (Grim Faction). I owe a great deal to Lil Timmeh & Concealed, both of whom carried me through this task!
Slave Hunters task completed

Level 206

May 9: Killed Broodmother. None of the people I know on the task were on / general GC responses. So I killed it myself.

May 13: Eventful day. Finished Slave Guards task, started & finished the Shakirian Prayers task, distance skill up, leveled up while making progress in the Osaris Faction, and I completed it with lovely Sael~ blocking the final boss
As importantly, this boss dropped the Baked Lionfish Recipe! which is quite an expensive one. I sold it for a million gold pieces to a close friend. This came at a great timing since I needed more gold to fuel my leveling.

Slave Guards task

Distance skill 105

Level 207

Found a little chill island near Shakir

Shakirian Prayers reward

Killing Honou & finishing the faction

May 14: Leveled up (208), and started the Archini Faction
Level 208

Archini faction, killing Orc Commander

Archini Faction, slaughtered deer

May 16: Level 209 & killed Jaffr, the ex-Yehsha Executioner.

Level 209

May 17: I'm one of the top 100 highest level archers on the server of Legacy.
Level 210
Blue Aura

May 20:
Level 211

Dark Grims killing task reward

Dark Grims killing task completed

Dark Grim Master-Bosses reward

Dark Grims Master task killed

Dark Grims Master Boss killed

May 21: Got magic level 23 while checking Helidor & folks at the server came to help me finish the Grim Faction by killing Thor'garak. Now I have the Ring of Purity :) 
Magic Level 23

Lera's Thor'Garak

May 24: Level up.
Level 212

May 27: Mining skill 82.
Mining 82

May 28: Leveled up.
Level 213

June 3:
Level 214

June 9:
Level 215

June 12: Meteor raid. First time I ever mined the pit in Forgula :)
1st time Forgula Meteor Pit, June 12

June 17: I went with a small group of people to clean PoA for 3 people.



June 18: Taken level while progressing in the Imperial Soldiers task of the Imperial Faction.
Level 216

July 7:
Level 217

July 15: Level and finished the Imperial Soldiers task (finally).
Level 218

July 20: Leveled up. Started to progress on the next Imperial Faction task, killing Lightbringer Knights. They are tough cookies & I don't have much time to play, so I SD them quite a lot (pure SD / mix ice hmms+hmms+SD).

Level 219

July 27:
Level 220

July 28: Found Archiona again. Killed it. Only got a fire sword ;'(

Archiona, July 28

July 28: Another level in "Pits of Inferno" Dragon Lords lair :)
Level 221

August 6th: Killed Fonia again. No loot, again.

August 19: Meteorite raid at a perfect timing for me! I mined the Yehsha respawns, Lucindel pit, and Foreign Lands pit, taking a level too.

Foreign Lands Pit

Level 222

Aug. 19: Leveled up during a hunt with Raiven & exchanged anniversary tokens for Medivia's 11th birthday for a backpack.
Level 223

11 Anniversary, Pink Backpack

Aug. 26 & 27: Leveled while making progress on the Lightbringer Knights task for the Imperial faction.
Level 224

Level 225

September 3rd: Again, leveled up during the LB Knights task. Close to finishing it.
Level 226

September 8th: Finished the task.
finished LB Knights task

Sept. 10th: Broodmother and some leftovers from Meteorite raid. Oh and Level.


Meteorite leftover

Sept. 11th: Zorbar and Balremaach. Level 228.
Level 228


Sept. 14th: Hobin Rood. Tim claimed it, I killed it & gave him the recipe & the trophy reward.

hobin rood
Sept. 18: Zorbar

Sept. 17: Level 229.
Level 229

Sept. 28: Fonia! No loot :(

Sept. 29: Advanced in mining, meteorite raid, and finished the Jothuns task of Archini Faction.
Mining 83


Jothuns task completed

Sept. 30: Leveled up, and did Isingoma!
Level 230

Oct. 1st: Leveled up at Ogres.
Level 231

Oct. 6th: Level 232! & meteorites!
Level 232

Oct. 8: More meteors! Two quite badass runs!

Oct. 15th: Level 234 at the White Light Church of the White Light Faction!
Level 234

Oct. 16: More progress on the Royalist task.

Oct. 21 & 22: Meteors (decent run!) and level!

Level 235

Oct. 24th: Yeti!!!s! No loot ;'(
Yeti, 3x

Oct. 25th: Meteorite raid again.

Oct. 26th: Broodmother & finished the Royalist task!

Oct. 28 was rather eventful. It started out by killing Steve (his rune maker), by mistake ;')
Then there was a meteorite raid! I got Forgula and Abukir pits. After cleaning the Abukir pit, I went to the nearby building and encountered the boss, General Raine!
Afterwards, I took two levels by returning, and getting the reward, for the Royalist task & proceeding to hunt.

Level 236

Level 237

Oct. 3rd: Died when I mapped click and forgot about the game while browsing online... :D
Died like a nab

Oct. 4th: Raiven helped me with Royalist task (imperial faction).

Oct. 5th: Archiona! No loot.

Oct. 8th: Level 233.
Level 233

Oct. 9th:

Oct. 10th: Picked up leftovers.

Oct. 13th: Died like a n00b. Miscalculation on my end.

Oct. 14th: Again, picking up meteorite raid leftovers. Missed it by a bit.

November 1st: Meteorite Raid yet again!

Nov. 5: Zorbar and Thorgarak $$$$$$$$

Nov. 8-10: Meteors! Helped Herk complete his Fleshbiters task
Taken level 238 at PoI DLs, and later attempted to do Face of Decay with Sakrey, Ozi Knight, Cyrus Knight

Level 238

Face of Decay 1

Face of Decay 2

November 13th was an eventful day: Got mining 84, taken level 239 after finally successfully doing Face of Decay challenge (with Shivalako, Verticordia, Bongzilla) & Zorbar as well as Necromantica ! :) 

Mining 84

Level 239, Face of Decay



Nov. 15: Completed Archer task and handed it over to Tylar for the reward. It's a chill task I've done while training on a target dummy etc.
Archer task completed

Nov. 17: Helped folks complete Face of Decay & got the snowy hills meteorite pit.

Snowy Hills Meteorite Pit, south of Thoris

Nov. 19: Awesome Meteorite Raid run. I got Arak, Lucindel and Snowy Hills pits!

Nov. 20: Bosses for their rewards. Thorgarak & Daevok.

Nov. 21: Got the Mittenhoff and Lucindel Meteorite Pits.

Nov. 23: Wigfrid/Zardoc (a.k.a. Wiggy) was AFK during the raid, so even though he usually grabs the Lucindel pit when he's online (his home town), he didn't this time :))

Nov. 24: Got magic level 24 while on a Gold Ore mining run :)
Magic Level 24

Nov. 25: Taken level 240 at pretty much my favorite spot, PoI DLs, using Shakirian arrows which I've found to be dealing more damage on average than other ammunition since Dragon Lords have armor defense to physical damage but not energy damage!
Level 240

Nov. 26-28: Level 241, this time at Ogres (Foreign Lands), and Meteorite raid! And for the record, these meteorite raids are basically sponsoring my game play as I sell them for a lot of gold pieces =)
In the pictures: Small Yehsha Meteorite Pit & Lucindel + Eschen Meteorite Pits.
Level 241

Small Yehsha Meteorite Pit

Lucindel and Eschen Meteorite Pits

December 2nd: Taken level 242 at Ogres, Foreign Lands.
Level 242

Dec. 3rd: Found General Raine for the second time, near Corrupted Isle, Abukir
General Raine, 2nd time

Thorgarak, Dec 3

Dec. 8: Level 243
Dec. 9: Level 244
Level 243

Level 244

Dec. 11: Some progress for the last mission of Elf Faction, the rainbow magic trees. Also got meteors!
Elf Faction, Magical Rainbow Trees

Lucindel, Eschen pits

December 13: Thorgarak $ and Meteorite $!

Snowy Hills meteor pit

Dec. 14: Zorbar $, funny how someone used Halloween Magical wand to transform his appearance :)

December 17: Taken level 245 after beating Krampus, the Christmas event boss at Medivia.
Level 245

December 12 until December 28: I only went to hunt once, taking level 246. The rest of the times I just had a nice spree of meteorite raids. Twice I even came many hours after the raid had happen but got to pick up awesome leftovers :)

Dec 16

Dec 18

Level 246. Dec 20

Dec 20

Dec. 28. Jackpot, got Big Yehsha =)

1 January 2023: Taken level 247.
Level 247

Jan. 6: Taken level 248 while hunting Hydras together with Dreamy Wonderer at Abukir's Hydra Island
Level 248

Jan. 12: Taken level 249 solo hunting this time at HydrasHydra Island. But it turned out to be a hunting spot less good than PoI DLs.
Level 249

Jan. 13: Decent meteorite raid run! Got Forgula, Foreign Lands & Garrogat!
Forgula meteor pit

Foreign Lands meteor pit

Garrogat Meteor Pit

Jan. 25: Taken level 250 & found Broodmother, Desolated Lands. Lured it to a designated spot for Haliverm to take the kill, so that he could complete his task and get Spider Chain Legs.
Level 250


Jan. 26. Got Small Yehsha's meteorite pit!
Small Yehsha Meteorite Pit

Jan. 27: Killed Archiona & looted the Warchief Garment for the first time, finally!
Then taken level 251 :) 
Also $Thorgarak$
Archiona, WarChief Garment

Level 251

Jan. 28: I had Lera logged off at Big Yehsha Meteorite Pit, awaiting for the raid. It paid off! 
Got trapped once by all the Fleshbiters and that was somewhat risky, but handled it :)

Big Yehsha Meteorite Pit

Also turned in the Elf task for Orc Faction, Krusnot.

Orc Faction, Elf Task

Jan. 29: Zorbar $_$

Jan. 30: Meteorite Raid :D Got the Arak pit this time.
Arak Meteorite Pit

February 1st: Meteorite Raid! Again Arak pit =)
Meteorite Pit Arak

Feb. 2: Found & killed Tarathiel, Elf Boss

Feb. 4: Taken level 252 & completed Elf Guards task of the Orc Faction.
Level 252

Elf Guards Task, Orc Faction

Feb. 6: Completed Elf Sharpshooter task, Orc Faction. I did it at Mylvalone.
Elf Sharpshooter Task, Orc Faction

Feb. 8: Meteorite raid! Again, I was logged off at big Yehsha pit ready to claim it :)
Big Yehsha Meteorite Pit

Feb. 10: Taken level 253. 
Level 253

Feb. 11: Finished Elf Arcanist task for obtaining a Frozen Starlight, required to complete the Orc Faction questline.
Elf Arcanist Task

Feb. 13: Got level 254 while hunting with Alberico and Pot Ek. Hunting Heroes of the Lightbringers to complete the final task of the Imperial Faction. They're freaking trucks these stuff. We looted Executioner's Sword! And with Excavator, at a different hunt, we looted Lightbringer Helmet and Hellforged Legs!
Level 254

Feb. 14: Finished Elf SwordMasters Task, then took the next task for the Orc Faction, in which I was able to combine the challenge of the orcs with the final kill task of Corrupted Watchers given to me in the Dwarf Faction.

I thus finished both, the Orc Faction and the Dwarf Faction.

I went to Orc Fortress to get the Royal Orc Ring and then went to get the Royal Dwarf Ring from the Emperor Thramril, the Dwarf Emperor.

Elf Swordmaster task completed

Corrupted Watchers

Completed Orc Faction

Completed Dwarf Faction

Feb. 15: Meteorite raid, walked to the last magical rainbow trees I had to touch to complete the Elf Faction (picture below is of the tree inside the Maze of Lost Souls), and then finished the faction by getting the Royal Elf Ring from King Rana de Tholos.
MoLS tree

Elf Faction Completed

Small Yehsha Meteorite Pit

Eschen Meteorite Pit

Feb. 17: Taken level 255 & mined meteorite ores during raid at the small Yehsha pit :) 
Level 255

Small Yehsha Meteorite Pit

Feb. 22: Mined Eschen meteorite pit.
Eschen meteor pit

Feb. 25: Got mining 85! top 20 in all of server (Legacy)! while hunting at the Garrogat Lightbringer camp with Zhou (Charles' knight).
Mining 85

Feb. 26: Meteorite raid :) Got big Yehsha pit and Abukir pit!
Big Yehsha Meteorite Pit

Abukir Meteorite Pit

March 4: Lil Timmeh's birthday - took an entire year to collect all these dog heads for the Bronze Necklace. I gave it to him as a birthday present :)
Additionally, I advanced to level 256 while making progress to complete the LB Heros task, hunting with Katafalk.
Bronze Necklace for Tim's BDay Present

Level 256

Mar. 6: I decided to solo the LB heroes for as long as I cannot find team members to do party hunts. Rather risky and dangerous, and also expensive, I simply wanted to finish the task and faction as fast as possible in order to sell Lera's account.
Unfortunately, I messed up and got smacked x_x
Death, downgraded from 256 to 255

Mar. 8: Regained the level while continue the progress :)
Regained Level 256

March 10:
Completed the LB Hero Task at the Minoras Lightbringer Camp.
Handed the Emperor Arsene the five rings from all other sub-factions completed.
Then finished the Imperial Faction by completing the Peace Agreement task.
Received the Royalist Outfit and Blessed Amulet :)
Finished LB Hero Task


Finished Imperial Faction


I sold Lera's account $_$ 
I hope you've enjoyed this lifethread :)