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I'm Shahaf Rabi, and no, I was not born in nor own the island of Rabi. But I sure have to get there some day!
Google Maps (coordinates 16°29’55.7″S 179°57’21.8″W)

I'm an incisive, inquisitive and ingenious person who loves managing projects, such as research projects. I enjoy conducting (qualitative and quantitative) research and analysis in order to solve interesting and challenging problems, preferably while working with nice, intelligent and professional people.

Professionally, I mostly go by the titles of research analyst, data analyst and political scientist.

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As for being a political scientist, I no longer pursue an academic career as of early 2020 (click here for my standardized test scores [GRE; TOEFL iBT], etc.). 

My ongoing research and contribution to the knowledge of scholars, practitioners and others, remains within the scope of a hobby performed in professional standards. It's my hobby, my passion, and my art, if you will.


My prime research interests revolve around the interaction between technology and armed organized groups, learning and innovation of armed organizations, targeted killing and leadership decapitation studies. 

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In addition, I enjoy playing chess. I've also set myself goals, which I've achieved in 2020. I wanted a win-rate/rank better than 80% of Blitz & Bullet players (frankly, I'm just too busy to achieve that same goal for Classic).

Chess Blitz Rating Goal Completed, 22/11/2020

Chess Bullet Rating Goal Completed, 16/12/2020