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Medivia Knight Guide: Iron Man Project 1-100

This Medivia Knight Guide is the life thread of my Iron Man project character, Ironbeard, on Legacy from level 1 to level 100.

It covers Medivia leveling guide for knights, hunting places optimization tactics, mining guide, quests, and tasks progress such as: hunting tasks, gold and item reward tasks as well as Elf faction, Dwarf faction, Imperial faction, Osaris faction, Orc faction, Minotaur faction, Grim faction, Archini faction, Lightbringers faction, White Light faction, Order of the Holy Rose factionEfreet/Green Djinn faction, et cetera.


Iron Man Concept & Rules

  • The concept is to simulate a situation in which my character is the highest level knight on the server and is at the forefront of progress.
    I earn everything on my own. It is a hardcore game play.

  • The Rules:
    • No trading with other players, with the exception of being able to sell to other players items in situations such as questlines which do not allow to trade with more than one type of NPC (e.g. Aremis / Wulkan, Green/Blue Djinns faction), and then the trading is allowed only once I have completed the alternative questline, and even then, items will be traded with the other players for a lower price than the NPC price.

    • No hunting with other players unless they too are Iron Man characters of sufficiently strict rules such as my own.

    • No questing with other players with the exception of specific quests which may either technically require additional players to be involved in order to complete them (for example, The Annihilator Quest, where it is impossible to start the quest without additional 3 players) or by-design impossible to solo because they were clearly deisgned with the intention of teaming up (for example, The Plaguebringers of Abukir Quest). During quests such, I must not be "carried" (as the Medivian slang goes) by others, but instead, be the one to lead & carry the others in order to ensure the concept/idea is preserved.

    • Daily Rewards (a.k.a. Welfare points) are allowed, with the exception that I only redeem healing runes and don't stock them.

    • No reset upon death. I do not wish to be risk aversive. The opposite is true - I wish to take risks and have a hardcore experience. Therefore, death doesn't reset the character's progress.

Medivia Knight Guide: Iron Man

Foreword: I chose to be an Axe user on this knight because I will be playing solo. Axe is essentially the best weapon type for solo playing knights due to their properties and attributes, which are focused on maximizing the amount of damage dealt to creatures. 
Otherwise, it is better to go for Sword or Club, classes of weapons which offer other properties/attributes which greatly support knights' tanking abilities while blocking for shooters.

February 2023

24 February 2023: 
I got to the main land, took level 9, and did the two emeralds quest.
2 Emeralds Quest

I then took level 10 and 11 doing Swamp Trolls hunting task at Eschen

Level 10

Level 11

I did Battle Axe Quest and got level 12.
Battle Axe Quest

Level 12

I then headed to Scale Armor Quest in order to further upgrade my equipment. I got level 13 on the way.
Level 13

Scale Armor Quest

I bought advanced pick in order to be able to start mining copper ore.

I also recommend buying a Barbarian Axe from the NPC-weapon shop.

I headed to Arak because there I could further upgrade my EQ while also doing some small quests such as Blacksmith's Supplies Quest and Problem in the Stables Quest to get some extra gold.
I took regular Trolls hunting task for the experience rewards, killed Troll Chieftain.
Level 14

Troll Chieftain

Level 15

Got mining skill while doing Mugger hunting task.
Mining Skill during Mugger task

Afterwards, I went to the north of Arak. Just outside the city is a great place to chill between 2 very close respawns of Bears (though south of Arak also has nice amount of black bears). It's easy to do the Bears hunting task while collecting food for the training time.

Level 16
Got level 17 when I redeemed the task.
Level 17

Completed the wolf/wolves hunting task north of Arak. I recommend following this line+- as a route to kill many wolves fast.

Level 18

Northern Arak Wolves

I next did the bugs hunting task at north Arak "bugs forest", which also has a small cave with many bugs (check the task module to location).
Level 19

I then did semi-afking the Poison Spiders task near Arak.

Got level 20 as I redeemed the Wasps hunting task. I did this task at the cave in the task module east of Arak.
Level 20

I wanted a semi-afk task and taken the Witch hunting task. If you don't plan to semi-afk then do not bother with this task as it takes a lot of time.

I got level 21 and was also very lucky and looted the Exquisite Bluegill Meal recipe from the witches, which is helpful for faster mana regeneration during hunts!

Level 21

Mining 12

Feb. 25:
Completed, redeemed the task and got level 23 (jumped from 21 to 22).
Level 22 & 23

Level 24, Polar Bears hunting task to the east of Thoris. It's very chill since most of the time you can just stand in 1 spot and walk several steps to the north, then south and a bit of west and you kill them all. Great for collecting more food for training.

Level 24
Feb. 26:
Got level 25 when I redeemed the task before heading out to do the Winter Wolves hunting task (the respawn precisely south of the southern Thoris gates is wonderful!). 
Level 25

Level 26

Feb. 27:
Taken level 27 while doing the Frost Trolls hunting task to the west of Thoris. This hunting place has Plate Legs Quest.
Level 27

Taken level 28 doing Crystal Workers hunting task, and got level 29 when I redeemed the task.
Level 28

Level 29

At that point I also did Goblins task.

Got magic level 4 while training with a target dummy at Arak. So now it is possible to use UH runes.
I trained to 60/60 or so. Nothing fancy.
Magic Level 4

Feb. 28:
Completed Bees hunting task and Drone Bees hunting task at the Arak hive. 
Got level 30, mining skill.
I recommend doing the Honeycomb Ale Quest while doing those tasks as well as collecting the honey combs as food for training time.
Level 30

Mining 13

Got level 31 during Caiman hunting task, the cave north of Arak. Lots of food for training time :)
Level 31

Mining 16

March 2023

March 1st:
Got mining skill & level 32 when redeeming the Caimans hunting task.
Level 32

Mining 17

Task 1 of the Dwarf Faction. You'll get a Dwarven Shield. I recommend to keep it for a bit before returning it unless you decide to go kill some Dwarf Soldiers and loot one for yourself (or if you don't do Iron Man like me and can just purchase a Guardian Shield or so, which is great for low levels and cheap).
Dwarf Faction, Task 1

I proceeded to do Mud Wasps hunting task at the Lucindel hive. Taken level 33.
Level 33

Mar. 2nd:
Redeemed the task and got level 34.
Level 34

I got level 34 - same cave - Killer Wasps hunting task. But I ran out of supplies, which was a blunder because I died less than one minute afterwards. Risked it too much XD
Level 35 - 1st

Death 35 to 34, first death

March 3rd:
Retook level 35.
Taken level 36 when redeemed the Killer Wasps task.
Got another mining skill, mining Phenakite ores.
Then hunted a bit at the Lucindel Rotworms cave and finished the Rotworms hunting task at the northern Arak cave.
Level 35 - 2nd time.

Level 36

Mining skill

Level 37

March 4:

As an Iron Man, I actually made a mistake and turned the Elephant Shield and the Dwarven Axe too early back to the NPC. The shield is better than the available Dwarven Shield and Dwarven Axe better Barbarian Axe. So others might want to learn from this mistake and wait with it (no point to return it until you plan to tackle Dwarf Guards anyway). 
Elf Faction, Task 1

Smelted many ores I collected. 
Kept mining more :)
Mining 30

Dwarven Shield Quest

Mining 32

Medivia Mining Guide: Tip #1

I make a brief pause to recommend how to PG (powergame) and really boost mining as it's not only fun if you ask me, but a great way to earn some spare gold and make progress in the game.

If I have to make one single recommendation then it's this one: 
I always recommend the most OP spot: Crusader Helmet Quest Cave. This is a rather easy spot to mine and it has so many copper, silver and phenakite ores to mine that it'll boost your mining like no other spot!
It has about 75 rocks to mine!

This place has been the single most important part of my mining run route on Lera as I have progressed to 85 mining, being top 20 of all server, before I sold the account.

Once you are strong enough to handle Dwarf Guards then by doing mining runs there, you may also progress the Elf Faction task without actually camping the caves for the 1,000 kills required.

So let's map out the route and mark the ores:
City to cave

-1 floor

-2 floor

-3 floor (-3.1 image)

-3 floor (-3.2 image)




For Tip #2, keep following the life thread ;)


Mar. 5:
Mining advancements as well as leveling while doing the Noble Armor and Crown Helmet Quest (note you can get a Halberd as a smaller quest on the way too!).
Mining 37

Mining 38

Level 38

Noble Armor & Crown Helmet Quest

Mar. 6:
Got level 39 as I redeemed the experience reward of the Wild Warriors hunting task. I did it at the Outlaw Camp.
Level 39

Mar. 7-10:
Semi active, I trained on a target dummy, skills: 68/67.

Mar. 11:
I went back to the Lucindel underground hive for the quite tough Enraged Wasp hunting task. They sting. But I have taken levels 40 to 44.
Level 40

Level 41

Level 42

Level 43

Level 44

Mar. 12:
Chilling a bit as I still played this character as a free account at this point.
This is the free account area for doing Mutated Rats task for the Dwarf Faction.
free acc Mutated Rats

Mutated Rats Task, Dwarf Faction

Mar. 13:
Taken level 45 while still chill doing the mutated rats task.
Level 45

Mar. 17:
I made premium and did Lion task & Hyaena task.

Mar. 18:
I made premium and PGed at the Garrogat Undead Cemetery respawn, doing Skeleton hunting task and the Ghoul hunting task. Both of these tasks are wonderful for bulking money! I highly recommend making a lootbag!
Level 46

Level 47

Magic Level 5

Level 48

Level 49

I then did a chill-style money tasks. I did rats, cave rats, bats, snakes & the Scorpion task, at the Eschen Venomous Spawn (see task module for location), taking level 50.
Level 50

Next, I took an excessive risk and paid the price for it.

I wanted to do Naginata Quest. Technically, I did it.
The problem was I was unable to kill the Fledgling Dragon Lords (a.k.a. baby DLs) as they kept running away at low health. 

I decided to make a run for it - to grab the Naginata and run outside. Yet the baby DLs healed up and so I got trapped.

Sadly, not only I misjudged the situation, but did not act to the standards I expect of myself: I did not move fast enough one SQM to the north from where I got trapped so as to reduce the damage taken, move the Naginata to my arrow slot, and try to proceed from there, so even if I had died, I'd been possibly able to keep it. Instead, I died, losing the Naginata and all items in my backpack.

Needless to say, I was unable to retrieve the loot.

But that's part of my point why Iron Man is best off without reset upon death! This way I am not being risk aversive like others.
Naginata Quest

2nd Death, downgraded from 50 to level 49

Mar. 19:
Retook level 50 while doing Bee Queens hunting task. This is also another money task. I then proceeded with additional money tasks: Rogues and Mercenaries, where I've taken level 51.
But on the way to their camp, I did the Black Knight Quest in order to upgrade my EQ to Crown Armor and Crown Shield.
Level 50 - 2nd time

Level 51

March 21:
I was logged out where I did the Rogue and Mercenary task. On the way back to the city, I decided to take a detour and do the Blood Herb Quest.
Blood Herb Quest

March 22:
Got level 52 while working to upgrade my weapon to a Curved Axe. See Curved Axe Quest.
Level 52

Mar. 23:
I completed the money task of Bandits and then proceeded with the experience hunting task of Hunters. I highly recommend doing these tasks (possibly also the Wild Warriors ones there too) at the Garrogat Outlaw Castle (for route, see spoiler of Curved Axe Quest) because you can optimize the respawn very easily there.

There are many rooms to lock inside them the creatures you do not wish to hunt and/or rope them up and/or use boxes.

Hunters are also wonderful in terms of profitability.
Level 53

I then hunted Ants (experience hunting task) as well as the Ant Workers task.
Level 54

Taken level 55 by doing the Crocodile Hatchling hunting task at Luana.
At that point I'm 71/70 in terms of skills.
Level 55

Mar. 23:
I completed Tortoise task at Luana.

Mar. 24:
Alligator hunting task for experience! Another great spot to stock food!
Also, this Tortoise Boots Quest truly caught me by surprise! I did not know it was a quest and I admit I lost a heart beat when I saw many creatures respawning around me hehe! It was funny and nice to have Tortoise Boots! :)

Tortoise Boots

Level 56

Mar. 25:
Started the Osaris Faction. I completed the Larva task. Got level 57 as I redeemed it. I then redeemed the Alligator task and leveled up again.
Level 57

Level 58

Mar. 29-30:
Started Minotaur Faction, with the first killing task there to kill 1,000 Orc Warriors. Combined it with the Orc Spearman money task. I did it at Orc Land, outside Orc Fortress
Got level 59 & 60.

If you too are an Iron Man player then at this point it's really worth to get a Hunter's Knife and skin the Orc Warriors for the Iron Headpieces which if sufficient amount can turn into a Bascinet.
Level 59

Level 60

And finally, I've done Crusader Helmet Quest!
I actually roped up two giant spiders and then ran the rest of the quest so as not to waste precious supplies trying to kill the Giant Spiders.
Crusader Helmet Quest

Mar. 31:
Continuing progress with the Dwarf Faction: 950 kills of Minotaur Archers combined with an experience hunting task of 400 Minotaur Mages.
I did these tasks at the Horned Citadel, Osaris. If you too hunt there, consider to do the Stealth Ring Quest there and then you can lure away about 95% of the Minotaur Guards by roping them up/luring them to a place at the south-west area where they won't disturb you. Optimization of the respawn is important and will help you make progress faster!

I highly recommend at no later than this point to get a Hunter's Knife and skin the minos for minotaur horns which are exchanged for Skinpeeler (a.k.a. '2nd knife').
Level 61

Level 62

April 2023

April 1st:
Taken levels 63 and 64 when I redeemed the mino archer and mage tasks.
Level 63

Apr. 2:
Progressing on Minotaur faction by doing the Orc Bowman task combined with the Orc hunting task.
The best spot to do it is at the outpost at Coldridge. I recommend to rope up all of the Orcs which you do not want to kill (except for Orc Berserker) to the +1 floor with an Orc Shaman (the ladder right next to the pickhole). This'll optimize  the hunting spot.
Additional notes: Used a Halberd, skills 75/74.
Level 65

Level 66

Apr. 3:
Trained, got to skills 77/76.
I also began cooking a bit. I caught a number of Perch fish which enabled me to cook some Perch Meals. This dish helps with faster health regeneration.
I also purchased the Bluegill Meal recipe so I can cook these dishes for faster mana regeneration once I'd catch some more bluegill fishes.

Apr. 4:
Continuing progress with the Dwarf faction, killing 650 Minotaur Guards task. I did not take the 5,000 Minotaurs hunting task to combine it with since it's too tediously long in my opinion.
Taken two levels.
Level 67

Level 68

Apr. 5-6:
I farmed at Louserett, Eschen, mostly fire mushrooms, trained to skills 79/78, got magic level 6, skinned white sheep for white wools (needed so I can get Northern Pikes and upgrade a Modified Fishing Rod to an Enhanced Fishing Rod in the future), and doing (for the heck of it) the Black Sheep hunting task
And yeah I got level 69 when I redeemed the task but messed up the screen shot...
Magic Level 6

Level 69

Apr. 7:
I cooked a number of Spicy Sockeye Salmon meals which cancel fire damage.

I did the experience tasks of Fire Ants & Fire Ant Workers. Got level 70.

Then I did the Pandas task (thought it was experience task but ended up getting a lousy Panda doll x_x). 
Also bumped into a Shadow Panda mini-boss.
Level 70

Shadow Panda miniBoss

Apr. 8:
I made a mistake taking the Sabertooth hunting task at this point (Sabretooth Ice Cave at Thoris). I especially recommend to take the Cyclopses and Watchers task before this one in case you got pretty much the same EQ as I have. The task was a small profit with lootbag but these creatures deal a serious aggregated amount of damage with 2x faster than usual hits.
Level 71

Level 72

Apr. 9:
Mining runs and advancements continue :)
Two levels taken at Cycpolis, Garrogat. Completed Cyclops hunting task.
Mining 53

Level 73

Level 74

Now let's take another quick break for mining tip #2!

Medivia Mining Guide: Tip #2

The Fire Ants cave at Khea/Luana is actually quite a good spot to boost your mining skill as well!

about 40-45 rocks, quite a few of them are Vanadinite ores which are quite useful particularly if one is a Ranger/paladin since each Vanadinite Bar can be turned into a morning star (100gp) or Piercing Bolts / Piercing Arrows.

floor 0

floor -1

floor -3

floor -4

floor -5

floor -6

floor -7

*note that I haven't fully explored -7 floor as of yet. So there might be more ores there.

For Tip #3, keep following the life thread ;)

Apr. 10:
Mining 54

Apr. 11:
I've been chilling, semi-afk hunting, doing the Watchers hunting task at Deeper Vilias (Fibula), Eschen. It's pretty good money even though I optimized the respawn by removing all of the Skeletons within the respawn.

After I finished the task, I did the Deeper Vilias Quest. The rewards: Tower Shield, Warrior Helmet & Knight Axe.

Level 75

Deeper Vilias Quest

After that, as I saw how well I can handle a number of Dragon Lords at the same time, then I decided to proceed by heading to Cirone, Garrogat, and to do the Fire Axe Quest. This is the best single handed axe that I can put my hands on for a while now.

The best surprise was that when I killed one DL during that quest, I looted a Tower Shield with 3 Guardian attribute! That's quite excellent! 
Fire Axe Quest, Cirone

Apr. 12:
Leveled up, to 76, while doing Fire Elementals hunting task at Mittenhoff. It's a quick and lootless task.
I then did the quest to gain access to Abukir, and completed the Stone Golem task there.
Level 76

Stone Golem Task, Abukir

Apr. 13:
I took level 77 by doing the Ember Beetle task (Tylar Task) at Abukir, and level 78 when doing the Scarab task (Osaris faction) at Yehsha [and quick reminder of EQ at that point].
Level 77

Level 78

Apr. 14:
Semi-afking day, training at Garrogat, slowly doing Dogs task. Got to 50% to axe skill 83 & 81 shield.
Dog task

Apr. 15:
I got level 79 while doing the Nightcrawlers hunting task at the Lucindel Spider Cave, Lucindel.
Level 79

Apr. 17:
Mining run, got mining 56.
Mining 56

Apr. 20:
I did not do much within the last number of days. Only redeemed the task I completed a while ago and got level. That's it.
Level 80

Apr. 21:
Finally sufficiently high level to deal with Liches, Bonebeasts & Vampires. Therefore, I started the Grim Faction. This allows to get the Fire Devils task while not being a high level, skin them, and get the 3rd knife (skinning knife).
Grim Faction

Apr. 22:
Eventful day! 
  1. I got level 81 and mining skill 57 while on my mining run!
  2. I then finished the Fire Devils task of the Grim Faction. Sadly, I still don't have 100 diabolic claws to craft the 3rd knife, so I have to kill some more in the foreseeable future.
  3. Turned in the Ember Beetle task to Tylar, getting level 82 :)
  4. I then cooked 2 Batfish Meal dishes (looted from a Hunter during task) because I needed invisibility for the Blue Robe, Skull Staff, Medusa Shield Quest. It was important to get this right since I only fished 2 dusky batfish fish, precisely enough for two dishes. I used one to run inside the cave past all of the Revenants etc., and one for cleaning the quest room. Then I faught my way out using my last supplies just so I won't spend more time on my Stealth ring.
  5. Completed Dragon Lance and Vampire Shield Quest. I elaborate on that with a technique below.
Level 81

Mining 57

Fire Devils Task, Grim Faction

Level 82

Blue Robe, Skull Staff, Medusa Shield Quest 

I propose the following technique to do the Dragon Lance & Vampire Shield Quest with minimal expenses on supplies / killing monsters. This should contribute mostly knights which cannot just SD Priestess etc.

It's also noteworthy that it was extremely important for me to carry out this quest flawlessly since that Dragon Lance was super important as a weapon for the rather long term as an Iron Man (esp. due to fact it can be attributed to have the Dragon Slayer attribute). So had I died and lost it, I'd be in big trouble.

  • Bring about a stealth ring and a bp GFB for rapid cleaning of hunters/monks/lil-invis-watchers. 
1. Clean in advance the respawn where "Revenants" is written too(not just the way to quest itself). 

2. Then head to the quest area and walk slowly. 
You'll first get to lure about 6-8 revenants to where the picture says "Revenants".

Second, as you return and proceed to walk slowly, you should get 2 heroes to come at you at once. Lure them to the stairs at the entrance where I wrote "Heroes".

3. Run to the quest door from the north to collect a time ring box. Get inside the main quest room to collect your reward. Now there are few enough creatures to run safely in and out. No need to handle the witches/priests/warlock. Worst case scenario in which a ghoul blocks you, kill it and keep running away.

Dragon Lance & Vampire shield Quest Technique

Dragon Lance & Vampire Shield Quest

Fun fact: I looted a Scarf with Streamline attribute by killing one Hero for the heck of it.

Apr. 24:
Attributed the Dragon Lance and went testing it by doing the Dragon Hammer Quest (a.k.a. Dragon Nest Quest). I was surprised by how effective my character was at slaying the Dragon Fledglings! So a few days later I decided to do this hunting task :) 
Dragon Lance Attributing

Dragon Hammer Quest

Apr. 25:
I got level 83 while doing some Efreet Faction / Green Djinn Quest. But I realized I was really not strong enough to handle the last floor so I cannot complete the quest as of now. Also, without Dwarven Ring, I ended up endangering myself as seen in the picture because instead of going down I ended up moving to the sides :')
Level 83

Green Djinn Task

Apr. 26:
I found & killed Jaffr the Executioner and got the executioner outfit reward for it!
It was a difficult fight. I'd not recommend tackling him as a knight at a level lower than mine since he did take me from full health to red health when I stairhopped him (going down, drinking mana potion, going up to exori).
Jaffr 1

Jaffr 2

Jaffr 3

I then hunted at the northern Arak Fledgling Dragons respawn (same place as the Dragon Hammer / Dragon Nest Quest).
After all, as mentioned, I realized how effectively I was killing them so it seemed like a very good option (probably extra good given the Dragon Slayer attribute of my Dragon Lance).

I was consistently doing 325,000 experience per hour with boost. The respawn breaks at about 330-335k/h.

I offer the following technique as a way to optimize the respawn:
Aside from the need to bring boxes and destroy fields so as to avoid stepping on fire fields many times, one should rope up the single Dragon at the quest room. Then walk with it to the west, make it stand precisely where marked so when the player runs eastwards to leave the dragon lured away, the dragon runs into the rock (marked in blue) and this makes for higher chance of a successful lure.
Dragon Fledgling Respawn Optimization

Level 84

Apr. 27:
I went to mine the gold ore at the Garrogat Dragon Lair. I killed that single Dragon Lord there and looted a Royal Helmet! That's a small nice upgrade to my EQ (also, I bought Amulet of Loss to ensure I won't lose my fully attributed Dragon Lance).
Then I saw I was missing a tiny bit EXP until level 85, so I arranged this screenshot :)
Level 85

Apr. 28:
Completed Orc Fortress Quest, did the mission for the Green Djinn Quest, but spent so much UH that I have decided not to start the Orc Faction. I'll start it another time.

Then completed Postman Quest in order to buy blank paper... else I couldn't progress with the Imperial faction.

Right afterwards I got mining 58.
Orc Fortress Quest

Postman Quest Completed

Mining 58

Apr. 29-30:
Killing Ancient Scarabs for Scarab Amulet in order to make progress in the Imperial faction. Tough luck on them. Got level 86.
Level 86

May 2023

May 1st:
Mining run in the morning - got mining 59.
Got level 87 doing the Orc Berserkers task of the Minotaur faction. I turned it in.

It's worth noting that if funding isn't an issue then Coldridge is an awesome place to do Orc Berserker/Orc Leader tasks. Just pack lots of UH and GFB/Fireballs and go nuts there! (worth doing postman quest and dropping loot on floor and parcel it away later too).
Mining 59

Level 87

Returned Orc Berserker Task, Minotaur Faction

May 4:
Progressing Orc Leaders task of the Minotaur faction and Orc Warlord task (Amulet of Loss item reward task). Also got shielding 82.
Turned in 100 Patches of Orc Skin for 6,000 gold.

I had another EXP Boost and I was tired and lazy so I did it at the Arak Fledgling Dragons. Hunted only 1 hour. Packed Dragon Hams and left.
Level 88

Shielding 82

Patches of Orc Skin, 6K

Level 89

May 5:
Happy day!!! After so many days, I've finally managed to loot a Scarab Amulet. I've had the worst luck and spent many UH on it but meh, finally, I could make progress at the imperial faction!

May 6:
Morning mining run! 
Found & killed Fonia! No loot from this boss :(
Later got Axe skill 84.
Completed Dwarf Guard Task, Elf Faction

Mining 60

Fonia, Rogue/Amazon boss

Axe 84

Then I progressed with missions of the Imperial faction. On the way, I completed the Devil Helmet Quest and the Hat of the Mad Quest.
Devil Helmet Quest

Hat of the Mad Quest

Zundram, Imperial Faction

May 7:
I got level 90 by turning in the Dwarf Guard task for EXP reward.
I also finally finished collecting Wolframite ores! (I hate mining these ores!) So I upgraded my dwarven pick to Enhanced pick!
Level 90

Enhanced pick

May 8:
Completed War Wolves task of the Imperial Faction.
Completed War Wolves Task, Imperial Faction

May 9:
Taken level 91 while going to mine some Vanadinite and Gold ores at the Garrogat Dragon Lair.
Level 91

May 12:
Morning mining run - Got mining 61!
Mining 61

I then went to fight the bosses of Orc Faction, in order to begin the faction, to get Elves-killing tasks:
  • Rekrosh
  • Snonndar
  • Kroxas
  • Bashmor
Rekrosh, Orc Faction

Snonndar, Orc Faction


But at the final boss, Boshmar, I had a surprise coming. I underestimated this boss. I kept using a Dragon Lance, not understanding this one was hitting not only just stronger than a regular Orc Warlord, but also doing almost every turn a double-hit. Thus, even after 3 turns in a row using UH, I was unable to out-heal the damage received and died :o !
I immediately return, this time using a shield, it wasn't too difficult to finish the job.
Bashmor, Orc Faction

Third Death, downgraded from 91 to 90

Bashmor, Orc Faction

Afterwards, I camped the Orc Fortress mountain-tower for the rest of the day, semi-afking, killing Orc Warlords, Orc Leaders and some other monsters.
I regained level 91, and I completed the Orc Warlords task and obtained an Amulet of Loss as a reward.
Level 91

Orc Warlord task completed (AOL reward)

May 13:
Taken level 92 while mining some Carnotite, and then completed the Orc Leaders task of the Minotaur faction, for which the reward is a Heliodor bar!
Leve 92

Completed Orc Leaders task, Minotaur Faction

May 14:
Finally gathered the last Carno~ that I needed in order to craft a Golden Pick.
Golden Pick crafted

I was also asked where did I collect Chalcopyrite ores for advancing my pick before. I obtained them in two places:
(A) At that Tar Monstrosity place south of Arak. Just open the spot via the nearby undead grave yard, go underneath, pull the lever, then go back, kill all cyclopses and ghosts. Rope the Tar Monstrosities up and lure them away to the south-west where they won't disturb anyone. Run back and mine peacefully the Chals~ :)

(B) There is 1 Chal~ node at the Mittenhoff Prison, Orcs area. Use a pick to get down there. You also need to do the Emperor's Cookies Quest before in order to have the key to open the prison.

May 15:
  • Taken level 93 during morning mining run, specifically, Garrogat's Dragon Lair.
  • Mining 62.
  • Completed Elf task (Dark Elf) of the Orc Faction & the Elf Scout EXP task at Mylvalone. On the way to redeeming the former, I got the shielding skill.
Level 93

Mining 62

Elf Scouts task

Some lame Elf quest.

Redeeming 1000 Elf Task, Orc Faction

Shielding 84

May 17:
Did some little quest in Lucindel while checking for Merga. I never had the chance to face that boss.
Witches Vial

May 18:
Redeemed the Elf Scouts task and leveled up.
Level 94

May 19:
Obtained the Axe Skill Boost dish recipe (Spicy Maris Feast) while hunting Dwarf Slayers (for the Elf Faction) at Mittenhoff.
Spicy Maris Feast

May 23:
Taken mining 63 & level 95 while on a mining run. Three more mining skills until I can mine meteorite ores! :)
Mining Skill 63

Level 95

... and that's about it. I'm quite busy recently, so I mostly train.
Axe 89

May 24:
Magic level 7 & finished Dwarf Slayer task of the Elf Faction.
Magic Level 7

May 25:
Lucky loot from Giant Spiders while checking for bosses --- Knight Legs with Superior! It's a wonderful equipment upgrade for me!

Then I finally found Merga, the Witches boss. It dropped the usual loot, a blood herb and nothing else really :|
EQ upgrade, Knight Legs with Superior




May 26:
Redeemed the Dwarf Slayer task of the Elf Faction and thus gotten level 96.

Then I did 2 additional tasks of the faction: The Prisoner (the Huntsman spider was painful) & Hadrian The Crusher, in order to get the Dwarf Dragoneater task.
The boss dropped Guardian Halberd. My Dragon Lance is better but it's nice to have.

I went to the Dwarf Dragoneater base at Mittenhoff to progress on the task and took level 97.

Finally, I did a quick mining run and got mining skill 64 =)
Level 96

Prisoner task, Elf Faction -- Huntsman Spider

Prisoner task, Elf Faction

Hadrian the Crusher, Elf Faction

Level 97, Dwarf Dragoneaters, Elf Faction

Mining 64

May 31:
Completed Dragoneaters Task, Elf Faction

Mining 65, morning mining run

Level 98 - Redeemed the Dragoneaters task

June 2023

June 1st:
Magic Rainbow Tree, part of the Elf Faction's last mission. I do not plan to uniquely go for them unless I'm in the area already anyway. Once I complete all other factions, I'll bother to especially go for them if I'll have any left by then.
Mittenhoff Mines Tree

Jun. 2nd:
Taken levels 99 (Ant Soldiers hunting task, Luana) and 100. 
Got another tree while trolling around, doing Deer task
Got cooking skill 56, & then, I advanced to mining skill 66, deciding to smelt the ores I collected recently and got another 135%~ of skill, so gotten 67 mining too the very same day.
Level 99

Level 100

Elf Faction tree, Garrogat

Deer Hunting Task

Cooking 56

Mining 66

Mining 67

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