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Medivia Knight Guide: Iron Man Project 101-225

This Medivia Knight Guide is the second life thread of my Iron Man project character, Ironbeard, on Legacy from level 101 to level 225. 

Click here for the previous life thread which covers levels 1 to 100.

This lifethread continues to cover Medivia leveling guide for knights, hunting places optimization tactics, mining guide, quests, and tasks progress such as: hunting tasks, gold and item reward tasks as well as Elf factionDwarf factionImperial factionOsaris factionOrc factionMinotaur factionGrim factionArchini factionLightbringers factionWhite Light factionOrder of the Holy Rose factionEfreet/Green Djinn faction, et cetera. 

Iron Man Concept & Rules

  • The concept is to simulate a situation in which my character is the highest level knight on the server and is at the forefront of progress.
    I earn everything on my own. It is a hardcore game play.

  • The Rules:
    • No trading with other players, with the exception of being able to sell to other players items in situations such as questlines which do not allow to trade with more than one type of NPC (e.g. Aremis / WulkanGreen/Blue Djinns faction), and then the trading is allowed only once I have completed the alternative questline, and even then, items will be traded with the other players for a lower price than the NPC price.

    • No hunting with other players unless they too are Iron Man characters of sufficiently strict rules such as my own.

    • No questing with other players with the exception of specific quests which may either technically require additional players to be involved in order to complete them (for example, The Annihilator Quest, where it is impossible to start the quest without additional 3 players) or by-design impossible to solo because they were clearly deisgned with the intention of teaming up (for example, The Plaguebringers of Abukir Quest). During quests such, I must not be "carried" (as the Medivian slang goes) by others, but instead, be the one to lead & carry the others in order to ensure the concept/idea is preserved.

    • Daily Rewards (a.k.a. Welfare points) are allowed, with the exception that I only redeem healing runes and don't stock them.

    • No reset upon death. I do not wish to be risk aversive. The opposite is true - I wish to take risks and have a hardcore experience. Therefore, death doesn't reset the character's progress.

Medivia Knight Guide: Iron Man

May 2024

May 3rd:
Level 225

Snapshot of EQ and Skills after hunt. Note that I fully attributed my Stonecutter's axe. It was a total of 3,500,000 gold pieces. Much easier to buy. If I'd bought it, that axe would be more like 1-1.5kk. But that's not the way of the Iron-Man 💪
EQ and Skills snapshot

April 2024

April 29:
Gotten Arak Meteorite Pit

April 26:
Level 224

April 24:
burning some daily welfare runes. 20 task kills

Tried solo one. No good XD

April 20:
I've used the majority of my Easter vouchers on skill boosts due to lack of time to actively play and level up. Just login, train until 30min-idle kick gets me and repeat.
Blocking Skill 109

April 5:
Level 223

March 2024

March 30:
I'm 207/500 red dragon scales until I can make Red Scale Armor.
Level 221

Level 222

Mar. 23:
Helping ImakeUHs complete Gieffrin task (Ceremonial Mask)

Level 220

Mar. 16:
EQ upgrade (BoH and DSM - more attributes) and mining skill 78!
current EQ

mining skill 78

Mar. 9:
Level 219

Mar. 8:
Archiona, Dragon Lord Boss

Mar. 1:
Level 218

February 2024

Feb. 19:
Level 217

Feb. 16 & 17:
Level 216

Level 215

Dragon Lords task completed and redeemed

Feb. 9:
Gieffrin, Monk Boss

Feb. 8:
Taken level 214 while checking bosses etc. I'm currently just logging in around desolated lands, checking gold ore, Broodmother, Archiona, Gieffrin, killing some Dragon Lords (taken the EXP task).
Level 214

Feb. 5:
Mittenhoff Meteor Pit

Feb. 3rd:
Taken level 213 and finished & redeemed the Red Wyverns task. 
Level 213

red wyverns task completed and redeemed

January 2024

Jan. 27:
Taken level 212 while doing Red Wyverns task. I don't recommend Knights to do it before level 250. Seems suboptimal.
Level 212

mittenhoff pit

Jan. 19:
Completed Jothuns task and did some small quest at the land of the giants (melee ring + life ring).
Jothuns task completed, Grim Faction

Small Quest

Jan. 13:
Taken level 211 and completed Grim Adepts task of the Grim Faction.
Level 211

Jan. 12:
Created a character just to do some fun & chaos on the new server, Liberty, joining some Medivia Freedom Fighter folks. We've killed some folks and soon got banned for griefing although it's a PVP server and we haven't killed anyone more than once (i.e. never repeatedly interrupting them to continue their gaming).

December 2023

Dec. 31:
Hunted Grim Adepts. Pulled 1.44kk/h with voucher+welfare boost. Yet I wasn't so close to break the respawn. Overall nice profit, but without the boost/voucher, it's not such a good spot for EXP/H as a knight :) Just a Grim Faction task.
I looted the Notes of Master Zegrath so that's good for later progress.
level 209

level 210

Dec. 27:
Mining Skill 77

Book of Mysteries, Thoris - GhostLand

Dec. 26:
Level 208

Swamp Demons Task completed & redeemed, Order of Holy Rose

Book of Mysteries, Desolated Lands

Dec. 25:

Fonia, Rogue boss. 
No loot, as always.

Dec. 24:
Level 207

Dec. 23:
Progressing at Jothuns task for the Archini Faction while also trapping with boxes some 5 rabbits near by (that's how I completed Rabbits Task).
Happened to be near Arak after mining run to catch the Arak Meteor Pit

Dec. 20:
My last day as Premium- I'll be playing as a Free account for a while.
Level 206 - Orc Commander is an Archini Faction task

Forgula meteorite pit. Nobody mined it when the raid happened at night so I claimed at later.

Dec. 19:
Level 205

Redeemed Frost Dragons task. Also, that's the EXP/H with only EXP voucher*

*vouchers were given as compensation for a certain crash/reset when Falcon Islands update happened

Azure Mercs betrayal evidence. Next task: Killing Azure Mercenaries.

Dec. 18:
Level 203

Level 204

Dec. 17:
Frosts meta - Old Respawn: Full use of buff foods etc.
3kk/h was top EXP/H when I combined Voucher & Weekly EXP boost. 

Level 200

Level 201

Level 202 while mining Big Yehsha Meteorite Pit :)

Dec. 16:
Testing Flame, last mission of Orc Faction!

Combined with last mission of Dwarf Faction, Corrupted Watchers task

Cooking 81 (fixed speed dish for Frost Dragons hunt!)

Dec. 14:

Dec. 13:
Level 197

Redeemed Nether Spiders & Ice Golems tasks, Order of Holy Rose

Melee 109

Dec. 11:
Ice Golem Quest

Level 196.
Doing Ice Golems task of the Order of the Holy Rose. They aren't as fun as Nether Spiders but doable.

Dec. 10:
Tested Dwarf Generals Respawn

Completed Shakirian Prayers task, Osaris Faction.
It'll be a while until I face Honouu (last task). No point to rush it (not done yet with other factions etc.) and he's a strong boss.

Dec. 9:
Level 195, doing the Osaris Faction task of Shakirian Prayers.
Cooking 80

Death, level 194
I was nearly level 195. I should've been more careful. I immediately entered the respawn and thought to do a pull of 3x knights while having a two handed weapon and the bloodlust stance spell. The respawn was also lured. I ended up getting pwned. Dropped dead very fast. I later came and tested them 1 by 1, it was horrible. I'll do that task later.

peace offer, osaris faction

completed Nether Spiders task, Holy Rose Faction

East(Big) Respawn of Nether Spiders, Technique & Route

1 Floor Below, East(Big) Respawn of Nether Spiders, Technique & Route

Dec. 8:
Level 194

Book of Secrets

Dec. 7:
Level 193

Poison Bow Quest

Dec 6:
Mining Skill 76

arak meteorite pit

December 1st:
Ents seem to be a spot designed for Archers, given the equipment that Ents drop ( I looted Ent mask and legs during my task ) and due to their abilities. I highly do not recommend mages/druids to do this task. Very high risk of death.
For knights, only consider it once you can stand with at least 2-3 of them at the same time without risk of death while using explosion runes (and even then, probably other spots with better exp/h and/or loot).
Level 192

November 2023

Nov. 28-30:
Training some, killing some Ents. 

What makes Ents truly dangerous at my level as a knight is their high damage attacks for nearly every ability they have - melee, poison shot, life drain, wave, etc. But some of their abilities combine into a real hazard. This is the case for that boots-trap plant that locks you into a spot without being able to move unless you kill it or enough time passes + their announced marked attack comes. 
That plant-lock can also make it quite confusing which SQM the character stands on, and thus, where to heal. 
Remember: The plant is where the character is! Even if your screen shots otherwise!
Also: If your HP is sufficiently high when that plant attack happens, it's possible to use explosion rune to cancel it while also damaging the Ent.
Level 191

Dangerous Ent Properties Combo

Nov. 27:
Got Big Yehsha meteorite pit & finished the Elf Faction
big yehsha meteorite pit

Nov. 26:
Just training, but here is an equipment update I forgot to add before: At Frost Drakes, I looted two attributed Royal Helmets. One had Vitality and one Vast Grip. I currently use the Vast Grip one.
eq upgrade: RH with vast grip

Nov. 25:
Completed Frost Drakes task, top EXP/H in pic

Level 189

Level 190

Nov. 24:
2nd time taking level 188

Snow Ravagers task, Order of Holy Rose

frozen log book - forgula tar priest castle

Nov. 23:
Meteorite raid happened at night after I closed the computer, but folks didn't check all pits so I cleaned Lucindel's pit.
I am not planning to be premium most of next year, so I've decided to complete Ents task. Overall, not the right level at all. That respawn is set for Archers I suppose. Mages would easily die and Knights just waste as hell. Very risky there. I slipped up in timing of healing and paid the price. 
Not recommended task at all, but I plan to complete it although it's a complete waste.
So far looted Ent Mask (Helmet) and Ent Legs. Sold it to my guild's vault.

meteorites lucindel

Death, Ents, downgraded to level 187

Nov. 21:
Completed and redeemed Water Blobs task, Crystal beasties task and Wendigos task of the Order of the Holy Rose. Gotten level 188.
waterblob, crystalbeast and wendigo tasks completed

level 188

Nov. 20:
Birthday of Froag. Even GM hopped over to congratulate him!

Nov. 18-19:
I did Wendigos task of the Order of the Holy Rose. Completed it. I then did the Forgula Gate Key quest
6033 key quest

wendigos task

Nov. 16:
I went to Forgula's Lich Hell to complete the Lich hunting task. That task is super fast, particularly at that respawn which has a lot of them and fast respawn. 
There, I also bumped into a 5,000 gold coins quest. That was nice :)
I took level 187.
5K quest

level 187

Nov. 12:
level 186

Completed the Giant Spider task (EXP hunting task)

Nov. 11:
EQ/Skills update that folks messaged me about, interested to get an update. So here it is. 

I trained a lot more  than I expected originally.

As for the EQ, I'm now with over 3 million gold invested into this SCA. Still missing Critical Hit. I'd seriously recommend non-iron man players to purchase such items and not to attribute yourself.

I didn't track the investments over the DSM, but it's at about 300-400k invested into it so far - only gotten Superior and Vast Grip. Disappointing. However, I don't see myself getting a better armor for a very long time, so I think it's worth it.

Added another type of boots. Explorer boots. Not particularly useful (mostly +120 speed of mud). I will likely sell them to NPC soon :)

EQ/Skills Update

Nov. 10
Taken level 185 while doing Giant Spider Task (hunting task) at the best possible place to do it - Coldridge Giant Spiders cave.

Note that now is event time of 20% bonus EXP and spawn rate. So I used my fully attributed dragon lance and the bloodstance spell and I was still able to break the respawn by 10-15 seconds if I pushed hard all the way. Normally, this hunting spot can easily sustain a person with similar character using two handed weapon while pushing nicely (i.e. HMMing the giant spiders and bring some fireballs/GFBs to rapidly get rid off the many small spiders/poison spiders, unless you got energy to trap 'em/ red HP 'em etc.).
level 185

Nov. 9
Fishing Skill 70

Nov. 7:
Overall, Entling task was nice. At my level, although it's still +20% spawn rate event, I had to kill a few Ents else I broke respawn.
I also explored the Ents area, very slowly since they can be dangerous. Explored the rest of the Chimpanzees respawns there.
Completed Entlings task.

Nov. 4:

Level 184, doing Entlings task

Nov. 3:
I've taken the Fetish Warriors task. I thought to do all of the Fetish~ creatures tasks. Now I'm not so sure. The respawn requires luring to optimize, walking a lot and progress is not the fastest, even though not the slowest either (esp. as now it's event time). 
Good note is their loot which is well designed. No lootbagging is required. Even though they are close to a mailbox so for once, it wouldn't be an issue to have these creatures as ones requiring lootbagging... >_>
I might return  there in the future if I feel like doing something chill. Else, I won't.

Anyway, I found some key, started looking around where to use it, ended up in some Winged Vermin and Swamp Demons cave. I nearly had myself killed when that Swamp Demon boss, Moerius, jumped at me. It's super fast and can deal quite some damage. Apparently there's a quest there. Once sold, that envenomed crossbow should recover the loss of supplies to killing this boss (no good loot from boss).

Moerius, Swamp Demon Boss

envenomed xbow quest

completed fetish warriors task

Nov. 2:
I was lucky to arrive in time to claim the meteorite pit at Arak. I had to run quite a bit from the training spot I was in until I got to the pit. I have quite a lot of meteorite ores now but far from weapon hehe
meteorite raid, arak pit

November 1st:
Quick notes: Chimpanzees task is quite chill. Thankfully, the Medivia staff fixed an issue in the respawn - the fact that these "elite" creates, the 'Furious Chimpanzees', did not count as part of the kills of the task although they respawned nearly every round. So now the task is better. 
However, I don't quite recommend it unless you want to do a chill task because unless you want to wait for the respawn, then you must be able to handle not just Entlings but also Ents in order to reach the additional tree groups where additional chimpanzees can be hunted. 

feedback accepted

level 183, completed chimpanzees task

fishing 69

October 2023

Oct. 31:
Ze Black Panther lurks! Level 182, completed Gryphon task at the Mittenhoff mountain respawn, and did the Dragon Maze Quest (fire hammer + flaming bow).

Level 182, completed Gryphons task at Mittenhoff Respawn

Dragon Maze Quest

Oct. 29:
forgula meteor pit

Oct. 28:
I've started doing Gryphon hunting task. This is the Luana respawn.
level 181

Oct. 27:
Completed the Ancient Scarabs task and got level 180.
I've been collecting the plate armors and magic light wands since the beginning of the task. I had about 90,000 gold worth of plate armors and 16,000 gold worth of magic light wands.
level 180, completed ancient scarab task

Oct. 26:
I've been semi-afk training for the last couple of days. Not EXPing.
Then pushed to complete the 4000 Ancient Scarabs hunting task.
Unfortunately, a rocket alarm distracted me from the game once I had a big pull of ancient scarabs and I died. But I regained that level =)
Better safe than sorry. No respawn irl.
level 179

died, rocket siren, downgrade from 179 to 178

level 179, second time

Oct. 22:
level 178

Oct. 21:
Level 176

mining 75

level 177

Oct. 19:
completed 2,500 imperial soldiers task, imperial faction

level 175, ancient scarab task

Oct. 17:
20% Event with increased spawn rate and skins seemed like the right time to get 200 Gargoyle wings at the Flooded tomb, Yehsha (required for Archini faction).
level 174

completed gargoyles task

Oct. 15:
Level 173

Oct. 14:
meteorite pit of Eschen

Oct. 13:
Level 171

Level 172

pumpkin shovel, lighter in terms of cap than regular shovel

Oct. 12:
meteorite pit of forgula

Oct. 10:
cooking spree, cooking skill 79

Oct. 9:
5 tomes, imperial faction

fishing 68

killing John, imperial faction

letter of betrayal, imperial faction

Oct. 7:
Forgula meteor pit

Oct. 6:
Back to Garrogat Hero Lair, attempting to loot Human Tome.
Level 170

Oct. 5:
Eschen Meteorite Pit

Level 169

Geomancer task completed.

Oct. 4th:
As I have completed two tasks without looting a human tome, I went to try my luck with Dwarf Tome. I've taken the 1000 Dwarf Geomancer task (reward: Magic Cloak, worth 150K).

I completed the Dwarf Hell Quest and looted the Exquisite Bluegill Feast recipe.
Dwarf Hell Quest

Exquisite Bluegill Feast recipe

Oct. 3rd:
I haven't managed to loot any human tome yet, even after completing the Heroes task and taking another level.
Heroes task completed

Level 168

Oct. 2nd:
I was around my house at Garrogat when the raid happened and managed to rush to the Garrogat meteor pit. I couldn't get any other pit :|
Garrogat meteor pit

Oct. 1st:
Taken level 167 while doing Monks task because I need to loot a Human Tome for the Imperial Faction quest.
Level 167

Monks task completed

September 2023

Sept. 30:
Small Yehsha Meteorite Pit

Eschen Meteorite Pit

Level 166

Completed Winged Vermin task

Sept. 29:
Got another Heliodor ore at Titans (Garrogat), and taken level once I've finally completed the Crystal Beetles task (Grim Faction).
Heliodor, Titans

Level 165, finished Crystal Beetles task, Grim Faction

Sept. 28:
Meteorite pits & took some serious risk, but did the next series of missions of the imperial faction. In particular, I had to face a Lightbringer Hero. Those stuff hit so hard, paralyze, and are extremely fast. But hey, I did it! 
imperial faction missions, LB Hero Wine and Clean Vial

Arak meteorite pit

mittenhoff meteorite pit

Sept. 27:
After 10 weeks doing the Normal Tier of Dwarf Dungeon, I was finally able to redeem the Golden Ticket. I can now freely travel in the Mittenhoff wagons.
Golden Ticket, Dwarf Dungeon

Sept. 26:
arak meteor pit

Sept. 24:
Spent my welfare EXP boost at Winged Vermin. Now I am too strong for this respawn, breaking it :| I'm doing the EXP Hunting Task. 
I later got another level while checking for gold ores.
level 163

level 164

Sept. 19:
Magic Level 8

Sept. 18:
level 162


Sept. 17:
Got mining 74 :) Not really doing mining runs anymore since next stage is mining 85 required for Shoel's hellstone ores, which I'll likely never be mining :p But who knows, I might PG mining skill in the future just because it's nice and fun :D
At the moment, I often just go mining some gold ores, carno, heliodor once a while.
mining 74

Sept. 16:
Skeleton Archers task completed, redeemed (LightBringer Faction).
skeleton archer task lightbringer faction

Then I made some progress in Grim Faction. I'm combining the Crystal Bugs with Crystal Beetles task. 
magic ice crystals, grim faction

crystal bugs task completed

Sept. 13:
I've taken level 161 while doing the Skeleton Archers task of the LightBringers Faction.
Level 161
green light wand

Sept. 12:
Finished bonebeast task, got level 160, and got the Eschen meteorite pit.
bonebeast task completed

level 160

Eschen Meteorite pit

Sept 10:
Forgula Meteorite Pit

Sept. 8:
Level 159

Slave Guards task completed, Osaris Faction

Fishing 66

Flamingo Tapestry

Deer Trophy

Sept. 7:
Level 158

September 5:
Gamers being gamers, expressing affection through acting toxic 😍


Sept. 2nd:
Taken level 157 while hunting at Dream Tomb, doing BoneBeast EXP task.
Orc Riders task

Level 157

September 1st:
  • More Heliodor ores for my collection! I still haven't decided what I'll do with the ones I collected so far.
  • I went to kill Black Knights in order to loot Boots of Haste. I haven't had BoH yet and I was already too high a level not to have a pair 😖 I was rather lucky, gotten them after about 5-10 kills.
  • Taken level 156 while working on Orc Riders task. I took it during the Orc Raid of Arak. Completed it that day, and redeemed EXP reward the next day.
Heliodor, Titans

First - Boots of Haste

Level 156

Elf Faction, magic rainbow tree at Orc Fortress

Medivia Mining Guide: Tip #5

This mining guide tip builds on the mining guide tip #2, which show cased the Luana fire ants cave. It will allow you to make the best use of your time since you are already in Luana, to minimize effort and maximize the PGing of your mining skill. Boosting it as fast as possible.
  • 9 additional copper ores
  • 7 additional silver ores
  • 7 additional phenakite ores.
You'll be facing some Pandas (/shadow panda), Jaguars, possibly Cougars, Crocodile Hatchlings, and Wild Gryphons. I'd say if one can handle fire ant soldiers at the fire ant cave then they can handle Gryphons too. Just be careful if you are a low level.

August 2023

Aug. 31:
Collected enough tokens for another anniversary backpack. Taken level 155 at Coldridge, killing some Orc Riders, giving items to orc NPC as part of Orc Faction.

Level 155

Aug. 30:
Another meteorite raid. Lucindel pit and Big Yehsha :)
Got fishing 65 after killing some Slave Guards.


fishing 65

Aug. 28:
Meteorite raid, killing fleshbiters. My meteorite ores stock is getting bigger :)
That's both Yehsha pits.
Yehsha pits

Aug. 27:
I tried a new technique at Dwarf Dungeon. Apparently you have to kill both boss stages to progress. Can't skip one =)

beer machine, dwarf dungeon

Aug. 26:
I started the Slave Guards task of the Osaris Faction, and got level 154.

The rest of the time this week I trained while working on side projects, such as moving out of this website my research and data analysis projects to (feel free to check it out and subscribe if you are interested in research, decision making, data analysis using SQL, Python & Excel as well as data story telling / visualizations. You'll find there some selected works I've made and the ability to practice on your own!).

Level 154

Aug. 25:
I trained at the Gargoyles not too far from the meteorite pit of Forgula so I managed to get the meteors there. Overall, recently, meteorite raids happened at times I was able to respond fast. I already collected some 100-110 meteorite ores, which are frankly quite useless to me but maybe one day they'll be useful... I mean... I don't see myself collecting enough of them to craft a Meteorite Axe or so. It's still fun to race to them and to collect them :)

Later on I also used the welfare experience boost to do the Crocodiles hunting task at Luana. Respawn was nice overall. I do not recommend to do this task at a lower level though. 
Looted Crocodile legs (worth 7k to npc) and collected 150 crocodile skins so I got myself the crocodile doll ...

I then got the last Winter Wolf Paw that I needed in order to get the Snowfall backpack from Serena :) 
forgula meteorite pit

Level 153

Snowfall backpack

Aug. 20:
Completed Slave Hunters task of the Osaris Faction and got fishing skill 64 on the way back to the city of Osaris
Completed Slave Hunters task, Osaris faction

Fishing 64

Aug. 19:
Boosted at dragons, 800K+ EXP/H, and obtained the last several green dragon scales which I needed in order to get a dragon scale mail armor from NPC. So that's my equipment upgrade =)
equipment upgrade: DSM

Level 152

Aug. 18:
Osaris faction progress - working on Slave hunters task. Gotten level 151.
It's a pretty fast task, especially once you lure away the Guards. But I could not bother hunting more than 500 in one single day, in two separate hunts.
Level 151

Aug. 17:

Aug. 16:
Fishing 63

Aug. 14:
Level 150

Aug. 12:
I finished the 2500 Dragons hunting task, redeemed the task - 2mln exp, and got both, levels 148 and 149. I'm actually about 40,000 EXP to level 150, but I'll take that level sometime later. I can't play more than 1-1.5h without a break nowadays.
Levels 148 and 149

Aug. 10:
Got level 147, finished collecting enough ingredients -> 1,200 anniversary tokens to exchange for the 12th anniversary backpack
Level 147

12th Anniversary Backpack

Aug. 9:
Taken level 146, still doing the 2,500 Dragons hunting task, but this one was when I went to the Garrogat Dragon Respawn to mine some ores.
Level 146

Aug. 7:
I tested some strategies on this boss to increase efficiency. I've found it best to use SCA + Shield instead of the dragon lance and bloodlust spell. Increases my profit on average by about 2,000 gold per run.

I also took level 145 at the southern Arak Dragons lair respawn. The best EXP/H I was able to pull was 887K/H. But it was tough to keep it up. I was usually around 830-850/h for about 1-2 hours hunt overall.

Dwarf Dungeon Strategies

top EXP/H pulled

Level 145

Aug. 4:
I keep progressing with the Dragon task & there was a meteorite raid while I was away, but I got some left overs. While I mined, I advanced to mining skill 73! :)

So far, I spent 500,000 gold pieces on attributing the Stonecutter Axe. I got 2 attributes: Flawless and Vast Grip. 

A decent sum of the funds comes from continuation of doing the Normal difficulty level of Dwarf Dungeon. I do no longer use the Bloodlust Stance spell but SCA + Shield. I also reduced the amount of manas I used and just melee+HMM more. 
The best profit I made was +195% (nearly 27K profit), but it's usually around 10K or so profit per round.
Adding a picture how my EQ looks like right now.
Level 143

Meteorite Raid Leftovers

current EQ

Aug. 3:
Gained level and fixed a team for Annihilator quest. It was time to do it since it became ever clear I was unable to find people who would be willing to unplug their internet and get compensation, enabling me to solo the quest, nor folks who'd be willing to just heal themselves while I solo the quest. But I'm unable to go inside solo. So per my stated rules for this iron man challenge, I just went on and did it with this team, blocking it.

I used a 2 might rings I obtained and several Ice Rapiers.

Fishing 62

Level 142

Annihilator 1

Annihilator 2

Annihilator 3 - Rewards room, Stone Cutter Axe

Aug. 2:
Taken levels 140 and 141 while doing the Dragon hunting task. I kill them rather fast with the bloodlust stance spell & my full dragon lance - approx. 2-4 hits.

I do the task at the South Arak Dragons respawn, best place. It's the Medivia Anniversary event at the moment so +15% EXP/Respawn etc. I'm able to go over 700K/H with the welfare EXP boost :)
Level 140
Level 141

Medivia Mining Guide: Tip #4

This time, we're going over the mining tip for the Eschen isle of Vilias. In more particular, we're mining deeper Vilias!

Deeper Vilias Ores -1, -2, -3

Deeper Vilias Ores, -2

July 2023

Jul. 30:
So I watched Wiggy's stream and realized that I could farm gold quite easily at the Dwarf Dungeon! And I need gold as attributing items costs a lot of money.

It's quite profitable, and I got a full gold ring :) (used approx: 45-50 UH, 20 HMM, 10 Big Mana Potions, 5 GFBs).

Blood Rage Spell used with Full Dragon Lance. Might not be optimal.

Important: I do only the Normal level at the moment, evaluating strategy for profit and how profitable it is. In the future, I'll check the next tier.
Beer Machine

chief Kroznar

Normal Level, Dwarf Dungeon Reward

Jul. 28:
I cooked many dusky fish invisibility dishes in order to do Revenant task completely chill. So I got quite a few cooking skills advancements. 
Then, on the way to the Revenant & Necromancers respawn (sadly no BoH yet), I got level 138.
I then completed the revenant task.
Additionally, later the day, I trained on Gargoyles at Forgula when Meteorite Raid happened, so I managed to claim the pit and mine some meteors. Many hours later I checked the big yehsha meteorite pit and discovered nobody mined it nor the small pit, so overall some 40 ores were mined!
Cooking 74

Level 138

Revenant Task Completed

Forgula Meteor Pit

Big Yehsha Meteor Pit

Small Yehsha Meteor Pit

Jul. 27:
I did Fire Ant Soldiers task. It was pretty fast and fun. I also finished collecting 50 Ember Coins, only to find out that I won't be able to benefit from them until I complete PoA Quest... which isn't going to be any time soon... So that kind of sucks.
Fire Ant Soldiers task

Jul. 26:
Just some Lightbringer Knights / Order of the Holy Rose faction stuff.
Kaine's Whip

Holy Rose

Jul. 25:

I completed the Garrogat Titan Quest (a.k.a. Edron Behemoth Quest). I soloed it. It was rather easy, especially since I did not need to block more than two Titans at the same time. I even looted a Giant Sword from one of them :)
Moreover, I found out - and later reported - a bug: Ice Rapier breaks only when melee targeting a single creature, but not when using incurso. Yet I'm not sure how much of an advantage it gave me since I think the incurso spell is bugged as well --- weapon doesn't really seem to change the damage dealt.

Also adding a picture with the most up to date equipment.
Titan Quest


Jul. 24:

Rolling in Dream Tomb. Got levels 135-137 while doing Mummies, Vampires and Slimes tasks. The Slimes task I completed outside of the tomb once I finished the mummies task. And later that day a Meteorite Raid happened and I claimed the Small Yehsha pit.
Level 135

Level 136

Level 137, redeeming mummies task lightbringer faction

Redeemed Slimes Task

Small Yehsha Meteorite Pit

Jul. 22:
  • Cooking skills 65-67. 
  • Finished and redeemed the Elf Sharpshooter task, Orc Faction.
  • Got melee skill 99 as I bashed a Boar on the way back from the Orc King.
  • Completed the "Cowhide Shield Quest". No spoiler for it on Wiki. Sorry folks. But it's via a pick hole on Archiona floor (if you anyway go there, try go with someone else and then you could also do the time ring quest just for fun).
  • Completed the Cyclops' Camp Quest for the Talon, which I need to proceed with Orc Faction.
  • Completed the Spider Silk Armor Quest at Desolated Lands too. It's called the "Pitfall Quest".
Cooking 65-67

Completed Elf Sharpshooter Task, Orc Faction

Axe, Melee, Skill 99

Cowhide Shield, Spike Sword, Might Ring, Quest

Cyclops Camp Quest

Pitfall Quest, Spider Silk Armor Quest

Jul. 21:
  • Completed the Arak Dragon's Treasure Quest. Fun & short quest.
  • Got mining skill 72. I suppose it's clear by now I've taken the foot off the gas when it comes to mining. I focus more on Gold ores, carnos, heliodor and meteorites if doing any mining at all.
  • Got level 134. 
Arak's Dragon's Treasure Quest

Mining 72

Level 134

Jul. 20:
Level 133

Jul. 19:

Trollum, the Cave Troll Boss

Level 132

Jul. 17:
Got level 130 during dream tomb (floor -3) hunt, working on the 2,000 mummies kills task (lightbringer faction) and combining it with the Crypt Shamblers hunting task, which I finished. Then I took the Vampires hunting task
It's quite a lovely spot with rather easily getting 800k/h.

I later obtained level 131 while finishing the Cyc warriors task, and redeemed the EXP reward for it. That noted, I'm unlikely to make progress with this faction in the soon time since the next missions require to face Lightbringer Heroes, which are very strong.
Leve 130

Level 131

redeemed cycs warriors task

Jul. 15:
Gotten level 129 while hunting 1,000 cyclops warriors as part of the imperial faction.
level 129

Jul. 11:
Completed and redeemed the reward for the Alpha Wolf task & Giant Bear Claw of the Imperial Faction.
redeemed alpha wolf task

Giant Bear Claw

Jul. 9:
Powergaming! Dream tomb, -3 floor, combining the 2K mummies task and Crypt shamblers task. About 800K EXP/H with boost.
Level 127

Level 128

Jul. 8:
Mined Garrogat Meteorite Pit

Jul. 7:
I completed the Green Djinn Faction Quest. Finally I was high level enough to handle so many Marids and Blue Djinns at once. I'll now be able to sell items to them :) 
I then also completed the first mission of the Lightbringers Faction so I'll finally have the 2,000 mummies task!
Completed Green Djinn Quest Faction

1st LB Faction mission

Jul. 6:
Taken two levels, one at the respawn and one when I redeemed the task (and evil Fia messing with me Heh!)
Level 125

Level 126

Jul. 5:
- Crafted Heavy Halberd after finishing to mine Carnotite ores & Heliodor ores. Surely overpriced to craft it but it is what it is as an iron man (each Heliodor bar goes for about 50k on Legacy nowadays).
- Got mining 71!
- Started Emperor Scorpion task. This Arak-Lucindel cave, above Swamp Demons, seems very nice! I got up to 700k EXP/hour with boost, but without 100% pushing hard. 
Also, I do not recommend the Emperor Scorpion cave at Yehsha. It's just bad. Sadly, respawn was taken at Luana when I wanted  to explore it so I can't compare the Luana cave and Arak-Lucindel one.
Crafted Heavy Halberd

Mining 71

Level 124

Cooking 57-64

Jul. 3:
Meteorite raid early on! I managed to get first to the Garrogat pit but it was clear I'd die if I levitate down. So I figured I could only head to the Big Yehsha pit and try my luck mining there for 1 meteorite ore. I managed to get there first! I went in, killed 3-4 fleshies 1 by 1, and mined a single ore. That's precisely what I need to start the Archini Faction!

Then I went to finish the Cave Trolls task and get my Steel Boots
I got level 123 & completed the task :)
  • Please note that Medivia had an update which changed the experience table/formula, as well as vocation and item changes. Thus the jump from level 110 to level 122. For the update announcement, click here.
Adding a picture also with my most updated EQ.
Meteorite Ore for Archini Faction

Level 123

Cave Trolls Task Completed, Steel Boots

Current EQ

July 2nd:
I went to explore the Eschen-Arak Cave Troll respawn, where there is the Cave Trolls Quest & where Trollum, the Cave Trolls boss, respawns. Sadly, no boss!
Fishing 59

Cave Trolls Quest

July 1st:
Started Cave Trolls task. The reward is Steel Boots. I'd like to upgrade my equipment. I consulted with Charles (a.k.a. Charles Canter) and he suggested the Thoris respawn (on the way to the Blue Wyverns) is somewhat better. I walked the long way the first time, got key 9040, so next hunts I could use the shorter way.
Key 9040

Medivia Mining Guide: Tip #3

For the previous two medivia mining tips, see the previous lifethread.

This path is a natural path to extend the tip #1 route for whoever is able to properly handle Gryphons.

Possibly two rocks of gold ore, and many copper and silver ores.

June 2023

Jun. 30:
Killed Fonia. Got crystal necklace :( & I suicided as a penalty for doing a mistake: I got so used to a door at Abukir being open that I forgot it's a quest door. Got to have the 7000 key to open it. The suicide was a penalty for this violation :( I cannot possibly expect to do this quest until I'm level 200-220 or so.


Jun. 29:
Completed hippopotamus & cougars task. Obtained hippopotamus backpack & cougar trophy. Both very chill tasks.
Hippo Task

Cougars task completed

Jun. 28:
Killed a low level red skull PK who tried to kill my guildmate in the past and that day he killed some dude. Earlier this day was a meteorite raid. But I failed to obtain any pits.
Killed a PK

Jun. 26:

Got level 111 during a boss check run.
Level 111

Jun. 24:
  • Killed the first Alpha Wolf (Imperial Faction task) since I finally had the Elven bow to make progress at this faction. 
  • Touched the Rainbow Magic Tree at Desolated Lands.
  • Taken level 110 as I was finishing the Elephant EXP Task. Also obtained Elephant backpack - remember that it's important to skin them for profit! :)
    p.s. I do not recommend doing this task until much higher level. Exp/h wasn't great, loot isn't so great although profitable.
First Alpha Wolf Kill

Magic Rainbow Tree, Desolated Lands

Level 110

Completed Elephant Task

Elephant Backpack Crafting

Jun. 23:
Morning mining run, finally got mining skill 70! So I can now mine Meteorites!
Mining Skill 70

Jun. 21:
Completed Arcanist task (reward of Frozen Starlight, needed for Orc Faction).
I then boosted, completing Jaguar task and proceeding to Elephant task, where I have taken level 109.

Note: While I recommend doing the Jaguar task at this level, the Elephant task isn't nice at this level. Better take it at higher level when it can be done more effectively and more chill.
Arcanist Task completed, Frozen Starlight, Orc Faction

Jaguar Task completed

Level 109

Jun. 20:
Herk (Alberico) was hunting at Titans and told me Heliodor respawned. I went there to mine it for him since he doesn't have the mining skill for it. I was a 'meat shield' and got level because I hit the cyclopses :) This wasn't a party hunt or so!

Also, finally looted Elven Bow - needed for the Imperial Faction - while progressing Orc Faction.
Level 109

Elven Bow for Imperial Faction

Jun. 19:
Finished collecting diabolic claws for the 3rd, skinning knife, & found Fonia again. No loot once again.
Skinning Knife

Rogue Fonia

Jun. 17:
  • Ambushed outside of Lucindel by raid :o
  • Killed Merga again - Got another Blood Herb!
  • Mining 69! (on the way to the Orc King to get a new task after I've redeemed the Elf Guardians task at Coldridge)
  • Clicked another rainbow magical tree for the last mission of Elf Faction
  • Time Ring quest
  • Level 107, doing mostly Elf Arcanist task and some Sharpshooters


Mining 69

Time Ring Quest

Level 107

Jun. 16:
  • Completed the Elf Guardian task
  • Got 94 axe 
  • Boosted during event at Winged Vermin (which hurt as hell at the moment, and I couldn't even take the Hunting Task because I have the Elf Arcanist task activated since I need the Frozen Starlight for Orc Faction)
Elf Guardian Task Completed, Axe Skill 94

Level 105

Level 106

Jun. 14:
Busy week. Lots of job interviews and this Elf Guardian task (Orc Faction) is not very entertaining. I've been mostly logging in, doing a round inside the cave, and then logging off.
Got level 104.
Level 104

Jun. 7:
Fishing 56

Level 103

Jun. 6:
  • Advanced to Axe 93
  • Found & killed Fonia. No loot :(
  • Taken level 102 while doing Tylar's Sandbeasts task
  • Found two Traitors. They punched me to red HP a few times x_x No loot
  • Got mining skill 68!
Axe 93


Level 102


Mining 68

June 5:
Level 101