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Medivia Archer Lifethread (Lera level 1-200, Part 1)

This post serves as a record of images and notes over my gaming/playing journey in Medivia

It is also useful as a Medivia Archer Guide for hunting places, showing the leveling guide of a sort, faction progress, mining skills, et cetera.

Tim ("Lil Timmeh") & Joris ("Raiven"), old friends from Tibia, convinced me to try Medivia out.

I've created Lera, an archer/ranger, on 22 January 2021.

I've rush through Novus, levels 1-8 in no time, quite "all in, if I die who cares" style. And I was indeed killed by a pack of wolves when I was level 4.

I consulted with Tim before choosing a vocation. He recommended either Druid or Ranger. I chose to be a scout/ranger. 

Once I got to the main land, I arrived to the city of Eschen. I was given a decent equipment and about 20-30k from Tim to sponsor any adventure I'd like. 

I finished the Trolls & the Swamp Trolls hunting tasks until level 13. Since then I tried to consistently take screen shots.

magic level 4

Level 15

Magic Level 5

Level 16

Level 18

Level 19

Magic Level 6

Level 20

Level 22

Magic Level 7

Level 24

Level 30
At this point I've taken the Hunting Task of killing Dwarves and the Elf Faction task of killing 1,000 Dwarf Guards. 

I met Gasatika, a Swedish player who was super happy to help me explore the mines. He also tried to convince me that mining ores is super fun and cool =)

Level 31

Level 32

I've always liked bows & arrows more than using crossbows & bolts. Hence I was testing if I could use my flaming bow/hunting bow (+1 flawless) to kill Dwarf Guards. It proved quite a bit too risky for solo hunting. 

A later, deeper dive into the medivia wiki information concerning a comparison between bows & arrows versus crossbows & bolts resulted in quite a definitive decision to use crossbows here on.

Level 33
Tim helped me out to speed up some leveling - lured and blocked some, supplied me with some great fireballs, heavy magic missiles, explosions, et cetera.

Level 34
Later on, Tim borrowed me his (fully attributed) ancient crossbow (best possible distance weapon in the entire game at that time). 

Level 35
Got level 35 & now I could collect the Crusader helmet quest reward.

Crusader Helmet Quest

Finished the Dwarves hunting task. Next task I took was the Dwarf Soldiers hunting task (still combined with Dwarf Guards task of the Elf Faction).

Level 36
Gades borrowed me his blazing crossbow. It proved particularly useful since I was finally able to deal enough damage in order to hunt safely at this floor of the mine/cave, with most of it being filled with Dwarf Guards (and a few annoying, yet dangerous, Water Blobs).

Level 37

Because this hunting spot was perfect for proceeding with both of my tasks (dwarf soldiers & guards), I decided to learn how to hunt in the most effective manner in it. I analyzed the mine/cave/hunting spawn. The below, next, mini-map picture represents how I EXPed there.

First, I determined it was most effective to walk counter-clock-wise. It enabled me to walk faster given the tile design in the cave (SQM/tile speed differs depending on how much 'mud'/'dirt' is on it). This also worked well given angles I'd need to shoot bolts at the dwarf guards I encountered per round.

Second, I would avoid walking across the red lines (where there is no respawn/respawn of water blobs that are best avoided). I would only kill one water blob per round. 

Third, I also decided where I'd leave a fake loot bag and my actual loot bag in case any disrespectful person would've entered my hunting ground while I was far away in another part of the cave.

Hunting Spot Analysis

Level 38

Level 39
I got level 40 right before Gades helped me out in completing Orc Fortress Quest. Unfortunately, I've apparently failed to save a picture when I collected the rewards (or when Gades found himself being punched by five Orc Warlords at the same time - which was quite painful for him haha).

Level 40

Magic Level 10

Level 41

Level 42

Level 43

Finished two tasks at the same time: the 1,000 Dwarf Guards task; and the 800 Dwarf Soldiers task.

Level 45

Level 46

I was then given 100 Medivia Coins by Miss Jill, for free. This present enabled me to become a Premium player for the first time.

Level 47

Level 48

Level 49
Naginata Quest with Gades.

Naginata Quest #1

Naginata Quest #2 - Reward

Level 50
Black Knight Quest with Gades.

Black Knight Quest
Right after the Black Knight quest, we went to do Deeper Vilias Quest. I got level on the way.

Level 51

Deeper Vilias Quest - Rewards

Magic Level 12

Level 53

Dwarf Hell Quest with Gades

Dwarf Hell Quest - Rewards

I forgot to take a picture of level 54. However, I was killed for the second time overall in the game by a group of hunters the moment I went down the ladder. I only managed to shoot 1 bolt at one of the hunters. Mostly bad luck/lack of attention, since I was not expecting all four to have a 2x-fast-hand shot at me which just made me die instantly. Downgraded to level 53.

2nd death, lv 54 to 53
After I was killed by hunters, I've decided my next hunting task will be Hunters. I have later discovered the hunting spot west of Garrogat's orcs - an outlaw fortress. A superb spot for rangers to finish hunters/bandits/wild warriors tasks. I recommend to trap in rooms the creatures you do not wish to spend ammunition on, and keep out the ones you do want to EXP/task on.
2nd Level 54. During outlaw Garrogat raid.

Level 55

Level 56

Magic Level 13

Level 57
I needed to do some Money Tasks in order to return Tim some money I borrowed from him in order to purchase a Crystalized crossbow with +2 Flawless.
Level 58

I then resumed to focus more on EXP than making profit. I combined orc tasks (hunting tasks/minotaur faction).
Level 59

Level 60
Necromancer Quest with Gades. Rewards: Blue Robe, Skull Staff and Medusa Shield.
Necro Quest - Rewards
The One Below Quest. Quite a difficult quest overall, but Gades and I truly managed to build up a team quickly out of people needing to complete it (including Tim haha!).

One Below - Final Stage

The One Below - Rewards

Level 61

Magic Level 14

Level 62

I leveled up while Gades and I were looking for Fire Axe Quest.
Level 63

Fire Axe Quest - Reward

Level 64

Level 65

Level 66

Level 67

Level 68

Level 69
Magic level up while exploring the Desolated lands with Gades.
Magic level 15

Level 70

Level 71
Vampire Shield & Dragon Lance Quest.
Vampire Shield and Dragon Lance Quest
And I leveled up when we exited the cave =)
Level 72
Finished Orc Shamans & Orc Leaders task pretty much at the same time, and leveled up. That's it for Orcs for the soon time.
Level 73
I've decided to relax a bit with the Revenants hunting task (also killing some Necromancers in the respawn. Looted Boots of Haste while doing this task! That was fun!).
Level 74

Level 75
I've decided to start the Giant Spiders task after quite some debates =) I took the level shortly before server save. 
Luckily I did not really play/made any progress after the server save/later that day, because there was a fire at the Strasbourg datacenter in which the EU servers' data is being saved and run from. So there was some one day roll-back.
Level 76

Saturday, 13 March 2021, was a tough & yet somewhat amusing day:
At 12:51, I got level 77.
Level 77 (#1)
However, 9 minutes later, precisely at 13:00, I encountered the boss, "Broodmother" (it respawns alongside 3 giant spiders) ... & I was killed. 
This is my third death on Lera.
Broodmother death, downgraded from level 77 to 75
I was fast to react - but it just was not enough. I noticed it at the edge of my screen, turned away while hasting, and for a moment it seemed I was able to put distance between Broodmother and myself while healing to survive her strong poison shots and paralysis. However, even though for one moment it was outside of my screen by 1 SQM/tile, it then paralyzed me in just about every turn until it caught up to me. 
I nearly had full mana at the start. I merely managed to put shield on and use 1-2 UH before I was killed (not including vitas). 
Luckily, my guildmate, Putti, left his hunting spot very quickly and rushed to my aid in order to retrieve my loot. He killed it. 

I resumed my hunt/giant spider task that same day, early evening. Re-took level 76, finished half the task by 19:00. That's it for Saturday. Beer time :)
Level 76 - #2

Although the death penalty is serious in this game, I did not care much about the EXP loss until I've heard there's going to be a Plaguebringers of Abukir Quest-Service on April 24th. This means I have to be level 100 by then (& complete two other quests) if I wish to join (and I certainly do... I want an ancient crossbow!).

This is not particularly easy given the fact I start working as a Research Analyst at a FinTech startup company named AcroCharge on 16 March. 

The situation requires some power-gaming.

I thus spent Sunday finishing off the Giant Spider task.
Level 77 (2nd time)

Level 80 (900K Exp reward from Giant Spider task)
After that, I purchased off the lovely Anethia Silvershade a respectful amount of Great fireball runes. I intend to spend them in Dream Tomb -3, possibly later -4 floor. This should be the fastest possible EXP/H that I could do --- although it is terribly expensive.

Anethia was kind enough to show me the spot and how to run the round. It was enough to get level 81.

Level 81
Monday morning (March 15), I've been GFBing the tomb. EXP usually ranges between 320-360k/h, depending how much I chat with people/focus solely on hunting. I overall took 2.2 lvls (with about +40% once I turned in the Crypt Shamblers' task). Horribly expensive way to hunt. Not my style also because it's as if I'm a mage... but oh well.

Level 82

Level 83

And well, later that day I went on to hunt with Gades.
Level 84

March 16: two hours tomb-GFBing in the morning. Later that day some guild members did Dragon Maze Quest.
Level 85

Level 86

Dragon Maze Quest
March 17: EXPed since around 7:00-9:15, before the work day started.
Level 87
p.s. I call this level 87 picture "Make Haste, Make Haste, I have no time to waste" ... just continued rushing through the spawn as I saved this picture =)

Magic Level 16

Level 88
& here's some additional fun thing to add: Putti didn't sell lots and lots of items he looted for more than 100 levels. A long long time. He invited guild members to guess how much money the loot is worth, and whoever would be the closest, would get 3% of it. 

Your's truly won (& even sent 5,000 per person that didn't win... magnanimous much, right?).

I approached this little competition with a mixed analysis & logic-questions perspective: I knew the total weigh of the loot bag. I knew the sort of items through the picture he posted. Hence I could also tell the weigh of each such item and the value once sold to NPC in store. I could also see on the website the sorts of tasks etc. that Putti did which kind of helps in terms of the rates of loot droppings of various monsters he killed. I then grouped some items which got relatively similar weigh and relatively similar gold value when sold. Thus I could calculate them all as a group and not in individuals, hoping also that any mistake in estimating the amount of one of them would not lead to too great a mistake/deviation from the total value since the under-evaluation of another item would compensate for it. I then took some assumptions about some of the item groups (i.e. around the % they compose of the total loot bag weigh). Out of the total weigh divisions, I've calculated the assessed total value of the loot bag. Finally, I noticed my assessment was between the guesses of Draxon (6 million) and Konstantin (3 million). I have therefore adjusted my guess in order to strategically position myself right between their guesses in order to maximize my chances of winning. 
So, yeah, as noted by Putti in the picture, although I spent around one hour doing some homework there <ahem ahem, Gades complained about> it was all worth it ;) 

winning Putti lootbag competition

Doing Lord Azeran Quest bit by bit, boss by boss, in the coming days. This quest is required in order to get PoA quest.




Level 89 with Gades at Fiery Beetles, Abukir cave. Lovely profit this hunt.
Level 89

Gades, Anethia Silvershade & I did a hydra and cobras hunt at Abukir. Finished the hunt with about 1,000 EXP to next level, which I've later taken while having some fun with Putti in Behemoths.
Level 90

Level 91
And another boss as a part of Lord Azerus quest, Holibar (dream tomb). [shitty weapon is due to fear of computer overheating and then uncontrollable death...]

Behemoth Quest, 23 March 2021

Level 92
Friday the 27th of March was quite a productive day. Three levels taken and done quest. Gades is on the Nether Spiders task too, so we've spent quite some hours there today.
Poisoned Bow Quest

Level 93

Level 94

Level 95
March 27th, the day began with winning a game of chess. Geenome offered 100 Medivia Coins to whoever would beat him in a game of chess. Quite a few tried before me. It was a good game. Hopefully we'll get a chance to play again in the future.
Chess Game vs. Geenome

Later that day, I did another hunt with Gades at Nether Spiders in Forgula. He's still on that task & it's great EXP/h for us both =) Took level 96.
Level 96
Sunday, March 28th, another hunt, another level. Also bought a demonbone armor after this hunt for 44k (which is cool since it's very light, better defensive armor, has poison resistance and for only 4,000 gold pieces more than the NPC price!).
Level 97

Small quest while showing Konstantin the Club Swinger the gold ore in Desolated Lands and where the Broodmother spawns.
Silk Armor Quest

Friday, April 2, was quite a day!

It started by going to the Forgula vampire cave. I needed a chill spot to kill some vampires while I'd be doing some other stuff. On the way from Arak to Forgula, I traveled by boat to Thoris. I've learned that there's a brothel there. I don't quite like the idea and truly think it's redundant/inappropriate, but it'd apparently become a useful piece of information later on that day.
Level 98

Later that day was Anethia Silvershade's (and the second hand man, Putti) Easter event. It included eggs hunt all over the game world (10 locations, reward for each such find was items in value of around 200k if not somewhat more), chess, tic tac toe, and what not over there. General party.

I was not planning to join the egg hunt but sue me, I enjoy solving riddles

I joined late but solved the first riddle, simply didn't get the egg.
I've also realized early on that egg 7 was hidden in Thoris because of the brothel thing. But couldn't solve the second part of the riddle fast enough.
Yet at this point I thought about the other riddles, and it hit me: egg 5 was around Santa's island. I scanned the entire island until I've finally found what I was looking for, carefully hidden under a remote tree's branches. And so I've collected my first reward $_$

I then sought to solve the riddle of egg #2. It was pretty clear to me that it relates to the Elven magic-rainbow trees. I couldn't find proper data via wiki, so I checked through youtube videos the locations and settings of each of those trees. There were three options: the tree in Mejborn, the tree in the Nahari desert, and the tree in Maze of Lost Souls. I rushed to inspect the Mejborn one, knowing I barely have enough time because the chess tournament was about to begin. I got there but found nothing. So I logged off to login my rune maker, to sign up for the tournament. Meanwhile, Gades and I decided to work together, so he'd inspect the Nahari desert tree, and if not, the MoLS one. The egg was not to be found in the desert. As such, Gades, pretty upset by the idea he'd have to spend a lot of time in the vexing maze, headed to the final treeish option. I believe that once he discovered the egg there, he was no longer upset that he made the entire journey into the maze. That was the 2nd reward of the day.

2nd place, Chess tournament 4/2021

As for the chess tournament, it was pretty damn long and exhausting. A lot of players came and participated. No game was easy. But by around 1:30 A.M., I've reached the finals. Sadly, by that time, I was absolutely exhausted and tired. I blundered, and my foe, Bakugo Katsuki, surely knew how to take the advantage of every mistake I made. I resigned.

But hey, the second place prize was still pretty damn good! (*the 3x bps are 60 backpacks of ultimate healing runes. The blue square with golden 'S' is an unobtainable tapestry. The game's administrators made a few especially for the winners of this event. ... And frankly, I'm not into such rares / decorative items, so I've made a deal to sell to it for 1,100,000 gold pieces instead of keeping it).
2nd Chess tournament reward

The next day, Saturday, I did not do much besides: (1) I sent Anethia and Putti a present, a token of appreciation for all their hard work; and (2) I did one first hunt in Garrogat's dragon lair as I started the hunting task of 2,500 dragons.

Sunday, April 4, was about beer & dragons after work. 
Level 99

April 7th, just some Abukir quest.
Magic Level 17

Ring of the Skies Quest & Key

Got level 100. Gades snuck into the event as we started an ore-mining run :)
Level 100

Level 101

Long story short, friends & guildmates helped me complete Lord Azeran quest.


Lord Azeran (nearly squashed me)


Another day, another dragon hunt (continuing the Dragon hunting task).
Level 102

Dempa showed me where the Helidor ore spawns in Demons.
Helidor, Demons (Dempa, Xyw; 14 Apr 2021)

Level 103

Next day, some fun stuff:

Gades needs help #1

& this is Gades some minutes later. 
... What can I say - I solve problems for living. 
Gades needs help #2

Messing around with Putti in the same Garrogat cave/lair. We also killed quite a few Warlocks, checking for their boss... but I did not take pictures there.
w/ Putti (15 Apr 2021)

April 16th, took level 104. Later, I went with Gades to check the helidor ore. But Smoke Dragonwake rushed past us while we were already inside the cave and mined the ore himself. Since he then went into Demon Hell, and I still haven't done Demon helmet quest, I figured I'd ask if he cleans it when he hunts so I could retrieve the reward. Vinterstorm was hunting there and was up for cleaning the quest room. So at least I did not leave the area empty handed.
Level 104

Demon Helmet Quest (16 Apr. 2021)

22nd April, 2021:
Level 105

I tagged along to the PoA service on April 24, 2021. Got level on the way, got the long awaited rewards as well :) It was all the more fun to do since Tim also finished the quest on his character =)
Anyways, only took a couple of screen shots during the quest.

Level 106 & Tempestas


PoA Rewards (I took the ancient crossbow)

And May 1st, 2021, I got level 107 while on a mining run.
Level 107

Finally finished 2,500 Dragon hunting task. 2 million experience points reward :)
Level 107-110

Guild did quest together.
Guild Quest :)

May 3rd, 2021, got level 111 while on a mining run.
Level 111

May 6th, 2021, Gades and I went for a second Warlocks & Heroes hunt in Garrogat as I was doing the 100-Warlocks hunting task. We've encountered Walius, the Warlock boss. It had nice loot but nothing rare/attributed items. I later leveled up. Leveled up also by turning in the task once it was finished, etc.
Walius, Warlock Boss

Levels 112 & 113, & also ML 18

May 8th: Doing Fiery Beetle task & got level.
Level 114

May 14th: Various stuff :) We did the new little Arak Dragons Quest & Grim Legs Quest.
Dragon Treasure, Arak Dragons Quest

Sleeping Leviathan

Grim Legs Quest, Arcanum

May 15th, luck with timing of the Meteor Raid. Gades managed to mine in two pits. One on his own and the other I arrived to first & started dealing with until he got here.
Meteor Raid 15 May 2021

May 17th, I've got to do some power-gaming so I don't get out of EXP-share range of folks I hunt with, particularly Gades! I therefore went to hunt in Dream Tomb -4 (first time there, bad exp/h due to chatting while hunting...)
Level 115
Level 116

May 18: Finished Aremis Quest.
Aremis Quest

May 19: Level 117
Level 117

May 21: Got level 118. Sometime afterwards, during the same hunt, the entire building I live in lost electricity/power. Hence I died. I later continued to hunt and got more levels :)
Level 118 (1st time) and death by kick

Level 118 (2nd)

Funny stuff

Level 119

May 28th: Successful Helidor run (2x spots in Garrogat), Boss found again but refused to drop any goodies, & leveled up while mining some stuff after I bought 10 bps of hunting bolts :)
Walius, 2nd time, 28 May 2021

Level 120

May 29th: Helping Gades with his Frost Dragons task.
Level 121
Level 122

30 May 2021: Annihilator & Necromantica for the first time.



3 - Reward room


& then, leveling between June 3rd and June 12th:
Level 123

Level 124

Level 125

Level 126

Level 127

June 13: Mining skill 65. Now I can eat a dish and get mining 70. So I can mine meteors when there's a raid.
Mining 65 (June 13)

June 14: Came to help a guildmate hold the respawn as he had to leave for a short time. I got level.
Level 128

June 18: There was a meteor raid. Abay~ beat me to it as I rushed to the Lucindel meteor spot, where it'd be relatively safe for me to fight the Fleshbiters. Hence I went to the Arak pit. I went down, there's some bug that did not enable me to shoot a magic wall over the smoke. I ended up with 3 Fleshbiters. Suboptimal but I should be able to make it if I do 1 round SD and 1 round UH time and time again. At least so I thought. Because I died by a combo about one second after I used a UH... Oh well! x)
I mined that Arak pit afterwards. Also, as I later went to buy blessings again, I saw nobody mined the Snowy Hills meteor pit. So I called Tim.
Death 18 June

June 19: Finished the Eye of the Shadow hunting task. Re-took level 128. Later that day, I went again with Gades to Frost Dragons. He finished his faction task. I got level 129 during our last round there. We usually have our EXP/H at 490-505/h, but it dropped as we just dragged our lootbag during the last round.
Level 128

Level 129

Finished the day with some exploration into the Mittenhoff volcano.
Exploration, Mittenhoff Volcano

20 June:
Archbishop Zorbar is a very strong boss. In fact, it can kill me in one hit even while using mana shield. There was a small team of *way higher lvls* that went to kill it, and they needed more shooters. So although it's really risky, I joined (hey, it's a game after all...)... and the potential rewards are awesome.
I was the lowest level around (130). There were a few 200-250. Most seemed to be 250+. Two were killed.

***Update: Nov. 2021: Wigfrid published a Youtube video for this boss fight.


Zorbar #1

Zorbar #2

Zorbar #3

Zorbar #4

Combination of knowledge, skill and luck - I survived.
It was quite funny to see how folks started cheering and congratulating me that I came, braved the challenge and succeeded. Kind of felt like I further made a name for myself, after the chess event etc., as a player to be known by others when also people like Rakshy & Wigfrid applaud you hahaha~
That noted, sadly, the reward wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. I spent some 8 backpacks of SD and 11 backpacks of Mana Fluid. But hey at least I profitted.
Zorbar Reward

Still June 20: About 20-30 minutes after we finished with the boss, there was a meteor raid! perfect perfect timing! Gades went to one pit and mined it, I went to Lucindel to mine that meteor site. I even got there like 10 seconds before the Fleshbiters respawned! & after that, Gades and I went to mine the Arak pit :) Quite a successful Sunday evening!
Meteor Raid - June 20

21 June: Got back from work. Did a mining run and helped guildmates complete Demon Helmet Quest. Got magic level 19 on the way back.
Demon Helmet Quest - 21 June

24 June: Got mining skill 66 during my mining run. 
Mining 66 - June 24

25 June: I took Dragon Lords hunting task (EXP reward). I went to hunt at the Desolated Lands lair with Gades. Very nice EXP/H there and we had decent loot. Most importantly, I got level 130.
Level 130

Later that day, I melted all of my ores and Zenek accepted a deal in which I sold him my Gold Bars for a certain price + I got to melt his own ores. That's how I got another mining skill so very fast. That's pretty cool since I'm getting to mining 70 rather fast. Then I could mine meteors without eating the mining skill dish!
Mining 67

Finally, the day ended with Akta helping me to get the Demon Helmet Quest key. He nearly had me killed when he forgot that by moving the spellbook from on top of the box then 4 demons respawn immediately. They all fire great fireballs right away. I had about 100-200 HP left. One demon was on me, three on him. The time it took me to kill one was the time it took him to kill 2.5 >_> (oh, and we looted a demon shield haha)
Demon Helmet Key Quest (a.k.a. spellbook/parchment)

26 June: Got level 131 while helping Plutti and Dtrox to start Orc Faction.
Level 131

Erebus June 26

Erebus June 26

Erebus June 26

& did Pendant of the Gods quest with Gades. It's a nice little amulet which helps keep track which blessings the character has, ensuring after a death one won't be missed while doing 'the walk of shame' x_x
Pendant of the Gods Quest, June 26

July 2, 2021: Funny hunt together with Tim at Serpentine Tomb with creatures that can get me killed with a few hits x_X
Level 132

I died later that day while pushing too hard, taking excessive risks, doing Dragon Lord task :(
Sixth death

2nd- Level 132

July 4: First time I went and joined others in killing Daevok.

Level 133

Hat of the Mad Quest (while doing Imperial Faction missions)

Killing Zundram, Imperial Faction Boss

July 8: Bastard killed Kera, my runemaker, so I had to beat that dude down.
pvping1- some 100~ master sorcerer

pvping2 - killed him for the 2nd time.

I've decided to avoid borrowing lots of money from my friends and instead, try to gamble a bit and try to attribute my crossbow on my own... This is the first successful attribution I managed to get.
Attributing my ancient xbow

July 9: Took two levels.
Level 134

Level 135

July 10: Started White Light faction, got on an Orc ship (and did the ques there), completed Hero hunting task, & prepared a scary surprise in front of Gades' house;)
White Light Faction

Orc Ship 1

Orc Ship 2

Orc Ship 3

Completed Hero Task

Surprise for Gades (1)

Surprise for Gades (2)

July 11: Took level shortly before Necromantica. Then, at necromantica, Zenek didn't really announce before starting (usually people give a 1-2 minute warning before it starts... they just counted 5 seconds before and boom!)
Level 136

7th death on lera

July 14: Regained the level.
2nd time level 136

July 16: Another level :)
Level 137

July 18: Another Boom! moment. This time, I had mana shield on, so I survived. Duriel, however, did not.
Necromantica july 18

July 20:
sweet loot during task

July 21: Finally found it! Sweet revenge!!!
Broodmother 1

Broodmother 2

Broodmother 3

July 21: Woo! Mining 70! I can finally mine Meteors :D (without mining skill dish)
Mining 70

July 24: Finished some tasks, made significant process in the Imperial faction quest. So I leveled up while turning in a task.
Level 138

July 31: Took level & Erebus again =)
Level 139

Erebus again;D

August 6: Some Lightbringers faction progress. Gades & Tim helped me out with one task. I later went hunting at the White Light Church with Tim. It was quite funny. Certainly risky at my level. Got level and in the final part of the hunt, Wigfrid blocked some Holy Sentinels. We also did one round at the Icons of Light floor. 

Level 140

Holy Sentinel

Icon of Light

August 9: Finished Dwarf Slayer task of the Elf Faction. Overall trend of continuing the progress in the different factions. 
Handing in Dwarf Slayer task

August 10: Another Elf Faction task completed. It was quite easy once using the invisible spell.
Hadrian the Crusher, Elf faction

August 13: Took level 141 while doing the Dwarf Dragoneaters task of the Elf faction. 
I also finished later on the Dragoneaters task but I did not keep a picture of it (can't remember if I finished it on the 13th or 14th or so...). 
Level 141

August 14: Took level 142 as I GFBed Dream Tomb, making progress on the Lightbringers task of mummies & regular EXP hunting task of Bonebeasts.
Level 142
Later that day I've also had quite some luck! The Elf & Cyclops trophy can only be obtained in a quest. It requires to accept the quest in advance and then be ready for the rare opportunity in which a special raid happens. 
I was actually very late to arrive to this boss as the ruling guild, Adrenaline, basically has the claim for such bosses before the rest of the players on the server. However, since over half an hour passed since the raid was announced and no Adrenaline Member arrived to claim the boss, I figured it was legitimate to kill it. While I was killing it, some Eternum member, Concealed (365~ Ranger), also came to kill it. But too late. It was regarded as mine already. 
I suppose that's one of things I appreciate most in this game world, Legacy. It's truly a peaceful server to play on. The rules set by Adrenaline are a very small price to pay and in return, it secures an orderly and respectful atmosphere for the entire community. Adrenaline could've certainly imposed far more annoying 'rules' and abuse their powers, but they simply keep it modest. I appreciate it.
Captain Bigtoe (Aug. 14)

August 18: Keeping up with the progress on the different factions. I'm at the last mission in the Elf Faction. Taking it slow as there's no rush. In the meantime, I try to make far more serious progress in the Dwarven faction.
Took level while doing the Minotaur Archers task (combined with the regular hunting/experience reward task of Minotaur Mages).
Level 143

August 19: Got magic level 20 while I'm now doing the Minotaur Guards faction/killing task, combining it with the 5,000 Minotaurs regular hunting task (not sure if I'll finish that 5K mino task but whatever...).
Magic Level 20

August 20: Right after server save, there was the Sulphira raid. Sadly, I was not online to participate in the killing of Sulphira. But at least my new guildmember showed me where I can collect the Albino claw from it's lair (which is sealed unless the raid happens). I have no use for the claw at the moment, but better get it so in case I'd need it, I'll already have it instead of waiting for the next raid to happen).
post-Sulphira, Albino claw

August 26, 2021: Took level 144 during boss check round at Desolated Lands. 
Level 144

Aug. 28: Progress in Dwarf Faction & killing some 'Prophecy Refugee' that was involved in player killing, including attempting to kill one of my guild members.
Completed Minotaur Guards Task

Dwarf Renegade Task

Zutt, 110 Ranger

Zutt, 108 Ranger

Hirnus Bloodhoof, Dwarf Faction

Exchanged my Anniversary Tokens for a red ann~ bp.

September 2nd, 2021: Level 145 outside of my house :)
Level 145

& I also killed Yeti for the first time that day :D Sadly, this boss didn't drop Bunny slippers.
1st Yeti

Sept. 3rd: I found Archiona for the first time! But I would've been killed had I tried to fight it alone. Luckily, Banderoll was online and willing to come. Druids are, apparently, wonderful blockers! Sadly, however, there was no good loot.
Archiona 1

Archiona 2

Later that day I've also been to an Alphabeast hunt in order to get Spiked Backflap for my warrior addon. Lil Timmeh and Rusty Hood helped :) & looted Boots of Haste during an Osaris undead raid!

Alphabeast hunt

Osaris undead raid

Sept. 5th: Advanced to mining 71 while mining meteors =)
Mining 71

Sept 6: Took level 146 while finishing off some Minotaurs leftovers to get the hunting task reward finished.
Level 146

Sept. 7: GFBed Dream Tomb. Got level 147.
Level 147

Sept. 8: GFBed Dream Tomb. Got level 148 :)
Level 148

Sept. 12: Killed Omailys, Ranger level 147, friend of Zutt, another 'Prophecy Refugee' involved in player killing. 
Omailys, 147 Ranger

Sept. 23: I borrowed Banderoll's vanadinite set, which provides awesome fire protection, in order to hunt in "Pits of Inferno" (Desolated Lands) Dragon Lords respawn in a far safer manner.
Level 149

Sept. 25: Another level taken at the same respawn.
Level 150

Moreover, I've found the Thousand Eyes watcher boss for the first time. No loot though :( 
1st time- Thousand Eyes

&&& Furthermore, I've exchanged the demon tusks that Tim gave me for experience points & that's how I got level 151 =)
Level 151

Sept. 26: Meert helped me hunt more Alphabeasts in order to obtain the 2nd Spiked Backflap which I needed in order to obtain the warrior addon.
Warrior Addon

Sept. 27: Got level 152 during the first round in the respawn with Joris :D
Level 152

1st of October, 2021: Started the day with a helidor/gold run + some boss checks with Joris. That's my first time blocking demons.
Blocking demons 1st time

Later that day I also leveled up while checking for the Broodmother & Archiona, on my way to check the letter at the dragon lords respawn.
Level 153

Since the DLs respawn was free, I went to hunt there & got mining skill 72 on my way out after the hunt!
Mining 72

Oct. 2nd: Found Yeti for the second time. Again, no bunny slippers :(
Yeti, 2nd time

Later that day, I took level 154 in Dream Tomb. 
Level 154

October 8: Levels & stuff. Using Yoop's fully attributed ancient crossbow :D

Level 155

Level 156

Dist 97 

Chimeras & Helidor w/ Gades

October 9: My guild, Eternum, did Lord Azeran quest for guild members who needed it. I tagged along to help.
Eternum, Lord Azeran, Oct 9

October 15: Another hunt in PoI DLs w/ Joris. Leveled up :)
Level 157

Mining 73, top #63 on Legacy at the moment

Osaris Necromancer raid 2nd time, alone there this time :D

October 20th: PK dude punched. Leveled up while mining gold ores.

Level 158

Oct. 23:
Magic Level 21

Level 159

Level 160

Oh yeah, some unlucky guy bumped into Broodmother. As none responded in game channel that they are on the task, I've killed it. But this dude came again before it was killed. It retargeted on him and I wasn't able to save him :(
Broodmom Oct 2021

Oct 28:
Another Player Killer

Parchment w/ Charles

Walis & Traitor w/ Charles

Oct 29:
Yeti s 

Oct 30:
Level 161

Oct 31: Mining skill 74 & Halloween event :) 
Mining 74

November 3rd: Leveled up during a mining run.
Level 162

Nov. 4: Eventful day. Logged in early in the morning before work. Two raids same time happened. Participated in both. Got level at night when I got back :)
Nille the Devourer (dropped green robe)

Level 163

Nov 5:
Small silly quest

Level 164

Nov 6:
Level 165

Level 166

Nov 8: Quick morning play was prolonged as orc raid happened. After Magiska killed orc boss and confirmed there's no problem for others to clean the rest, I started running around GFBing it all. It was awesome EXP/H and fun. Then I nearly died when I rushed into a boss he didn't kill and plenty other orcs, including warlords. I've killed all of the respawn including the boss. No cool loot sadly. But at least it was fun and another boss I've had the chance to kill :)
Arak Orc Raid

Ulag Silverarrow

Mining 75

Level 167

Level 168

Nov. 12: PoA quest with my guild, Eternum.

Nov. 19: Got level, saw a lightening outside, started packing to leave, then another lightening struck in the area and the internet crashed... died. x_x
Level 169 & death

Also got a bit of progress on Imperial Faction quest.
John, Imperial Faction

Rebellion letter, Imperial Faction

Nov. 22: Leveled up/retook level.
2nd Level 168

Nov. 23: Finally got mining 76! & therefore passed Gades on the high scores ;D
Mining 76

Highscores, Legacy, Mining

Nov. 25: Early morning, I see on discord a meteor raid happened. Not 100% awake, I rush to mine different spots since not many people are online and it's a wonderful opportunity to make lots of money :) I actually mined 40+ ores that run. But as I wasn't fully awake and rushing things, I went down that Mittenhoff pit without shield on and got smacked really quickly x_X
9th death - Lera

& then I obviously had to regain my mining skill in order to avoid having Gades passing me on the highscores :)
2nd mining 76

Nov. 26: Bonus event. Gained lots of EXP. Leveled a lot.
4.5kk exp

2nd, Level 168

2nd, Level 169

Level 170

Level 171

Nov. 27: Two more levels.
Level 172

Level 173

Nov 28:
Mining 77

Nov. 29:
Level 174

Level 175

December 5th: Smacked a player killed, archer, level 66
Hyohen 66 ranger

Dec. 8:
Mining 78

Dec. 9th: Started Grim Faction.
Level 176

Dec. 10:
Level 177, Dist 97

Dec. 13: Epic.
Pro lure & Explosion shot

Dec. 14:

Zorbar of Thadux

December 19: Saelvas Saelvius' Zorbar :) 
Sae's Zorbar

Dec. 24: Christmas event & level
Christmas Present

Level 178

Dec. 25: Leveled up again
Level 179

Dec. 27: found some little boss of Rogues. No special loot or anything.
1st, Rogue Fonia

January 4th: Level 180
Level 180

January 5th: Just some fun & meteor raid for the first time in a very long time! (got lucindel and both Yehsha pits)
GFBing 8 Ancient Scarabs

'Exploding' some Giant spiders

Meteor raid, Lucindel & 2x Yehsha

January 7th: Finally found the monk boss. I wanted to kill it once for fun. It took a lot of time to find it.
Gieffrin, Monk Boss, 1st time

Level 181

And I also sold my ancient crossbow with Fast Hand and Sharpshooter attributes. I spent 4,200,000 gold pieces trying to attribute it. Sold it for 1,170 Medivia Coins, losing money, but it just made more sense than continuing to gamble money on attributing it myself.
Sold ancient Xbow w/ fasthand, sharpshooter

January 8th: Leveled up during ore mining run & later that day there was the Christmas event.
Level 182

Krampus - 1st time

January 9th: Active day.

Took level during my first lap after server save :) 
Level 183

Raid of Hobin Rood at Dynahall. Trapped the boss in a visible spot and waited to see if any Adrenaline member would come claim the boss or if I could kill it myself. After about 14 minutes, Duke arrived and took the kill.    :p 
Hobin Rood, 1st time

& took level 184 during a Pits of Inferno Dragon Lords hunt :)
Level 184

January 11: Magic level 22 during a hunt in PoI DLs!
Magic Level 22

Jan. 14: Leveled up while hunting with Raiven & 
bought a fully attributed Enhanced crossbow for 400k. That said, I'd still prefer to find some crystalized bow with Flawless, Fast Hand and Precise until I upgrade to a fully attributed ancient xbow or so. 
Level 185

fully att. enhanced xbow

Oh right, Charles & I were also fortunate enough to claim both of Yehsha's meteor locations :) Here is a picture of Charles smashing some Fleshbiters since he's on the killing task of Fleshbiters.
Charles UE Fleshies

January 15th: Level 186 at Ogres, Foreign Lands.
Level 186

January 16th: Lil Timmeh's Zorbar :D I took excessive risks that Bishop fight. Quite lucky I survived.
Tim's Bishop Zorbar

January 19th: Finished Albino Dragons task. Unfortunately, I did not get the armor I was so hoping to loot. But working from home for such a long time made this task easy to complete, especially given the new training spear.
I also found Gromm, the Ancient Stone Golem, for the first time, &&& advanced to mining skill 79!
Albino Dragon task

Gromm, first time

Mining 79

Jan. 20: Advanced to distance skill 100 & found Gromm against. I might consider doing that item task later.

Dist 100

Gromm 2nd time

January 22nd: Killed an Assassin, looting these fine legs, and advanced to level 187 during a party hunt at Hydras :)
Assassin Legs, Streamlined

Level 187

Feb. 11: Participated in killing Balremaach (got a large painite crystal from the reward chest), took level 188, & some other fun stuff.
Balremaach, 1st time

Level 188

Won a chess game & tested out Tim's bow

Mined Helidor ore in Parchment room, new spot.

February 20: Logged in for Herk's Zorbar :) 
Herk's Zorbar

Feb. 26: Some hotkeys seem bugged so I'm missing the screenshot of level 189. But here's the screenshot for level 190.
Level 190

March 3: 
Level 191

March 6: Found Fonia again and took two levels.
Fonia, 2nd(?) time

Level 192

Level 193
March 11: Took level. Later that day, I made a fatal mistake - I clicked to do a small heal instead of full heal. The result: I died. This is my 10th death on Lera. Loss of level/experience is not nearly as painful as the loss of mining skill x_x
Level 194 - 1st time

My mistake, 10th death, downgraded 194-193

March 12: Retook that level.
Level 194 - 2nd time

March 18: Found Archiona. Successfully killed her. But once killed, I was so focused on removing the dragons and dragon lords blocking my path to loot the corpse that I got into some weird tunnel vision and forgot to keep my health points up - so I died. Hah. Quite a redundant death but that's it. Paid for the mistake.
Archiona death, 194 to 193

March 22nd: Got mining 80 :)!
Mining 80
March 25:
Lv 194, third time :p

Lv 195

March 28:
Level 196

1st of April: Goddamn Big Hooligan mined the Helidor ore shortly before me ;'( At least I leveled up en route.
Level 197

2nd April:
Level 198

Crystal Beetles Task completed, Grim Faction

April 3rd: Just some nice white crows:)
White Crows
April 4th: Grim Gate :)
Grim Gate

April 7: Meteor raid :)
Arak pit

Small Yehsha

April 8:
Level 199
April 9:
Level 200

That's it for this life-thread post. 
To be continued - in another life-thread post.