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Medivia Knight Guide: Iron Man Project 101-225

This Medivia Knight Guide is the second life thread of my   Iron Man project character ,   Ironbeard , on   Legacy   from level 101 to level 225.  Click here for the previous life thread which covers levels 1 to 100 . This lifethread continues to cover Medivia leveling guide for knights, hunting places optimization tactics,  mining guide , quests, and tasks progress such as: hunting tasks, gold and item reward tasks as well as  Elf faction ,  Dwarf faction ,  Imperial faction ,  Osaris faction ,  Orc faction ,  Minotaur faction ,  Grim faction ,  Archini faction ,  Lightbringers faction ,  White Light faction ,  Order of the Holy Rose faction ,  Efreet/Green Djinn faction , et cetera.  Iron Man Concept & Rules The concept   is to simulate a situation in which my character is the highest level knight on the server and is at the forefront of progress. I earn everything on my own. It is a hardcore game play. The Rules: No trading with other players , with the exception of being able